Confession of a Wandering Soul

Joe Cheng anticipating Ariel Lin in low-cut dresses

Posted by diopatra on May 9, 2009

Source: The Sun
Translated by: Kassy @

Previously Zheng Yuan Chang was the guest in the opening ceremony of HUGO BOSS’s new shop outlet in Taiwan, modeling their latest collection with Ruru Lin. Zheng Yuan Chang who has always been very considerate has been praising how the suit of this brand is able to hide his weaknesses and he intends to buy some female merchandise of this brand for his mother as mother’s day present, he says: [That day I will be going to Shanghai for stage play performances so I have to celebrate in advance with my mother over a meal, other than the clothes that I’ve prepared for her, I will also pick a more high class vegetarian restaurant for our meal. She has already watched the stage play last time and it was so thoughtful of her as to write out the comment for me, very sweet.]

About his best friend Lin Yi Chen who has just signed the record company AVEX in Taiwan and is planning to release an album soon, Zheng Yuan Chang says: [I am very looking forward to what her image is going to be, whether or not she will be in low-cut dresses or maybe she will become a very sexy diva.]


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