Confession of a Wandering Soul

Joe Cheng wearing white suit from BOSS; matching it with a white boxer is a must

Posted by diopatra on May 9, 2009

Source: AppleDaily
Translated by: Kassy @

The international fashion group HUGO BOSS has opened a shop in Taipei’s 101 building and yesterday was their opening ceremony, they have invited Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zong) for cutting the opening ceremony ribbon and modeling in their latest collections together with supermodel Lin Wei Lu (Ruru Lin). Xiao Zong who was in white suit was being surrounded by his fans, RuRu was also praising him: [I saw him at backstage just now, and I said “Wow, today you looked just like Prince Charming”!] while Xiao Zong smiles and said the first rule for wearing a white suit is [must be wearing a white boxers].

The shop in Taipei’s 101 is about 60pings, exclusive for merchandise from BOSS
Black’s series not only include apparels, accessories for both men and women but the range starts from stylish suits, younger relaxing apparel to elegant evening apparels, all in one location. BOSS’s classic suits collection is very stylish and well-loved by a lot of men, Xiao Zong also boosting it by saying: [Guys for sure will have 1 or 2 suits inside their closet, wearing suits can hide your weakness and show off your strong points, even a new comer in the working group will also be able to show off their unique charm by wearing a proper suit.]

The suits that he own earlier on were tailor made when he was a model, black and white each, he says: [That time I’ve spent about NT$8000, if I wear those off-the-shelf suits when the shoulder length is just right the sleeves will be too short, that time I’m just a low-paid model so I couldn’t afford international fashion brands, that’s why I have to tailor-made them.] Wearing white suit will normally because of work but he did come across a very embarrassing incident: [One time I have to go to work, so I just put on the white suit and went out to get a taxi but never knew that the taxi driver will refuse to take me, maybe they think I’m weird wearing like that!]

Spring and summer collection for BOSS
Black’s series will be using the theme [The New Perfectionist] getting ideas from the current architecture, having a clean and elegant cutting, other than formal apparels, the shop will also be having relaxing clothing full of beautiful bright colors, attracting the attention of the younger generation.


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