Confession of a Wandering Soul


Posted by diopatra on May 9, 2009

if there’s a hobby that i can’t let go, that is reading and that’s how i was hooked on mangas.

i’ve read a lot of mangas, and i say i enjoyed most of them.

if there’s one manga that i really enjoy that’s one piece. dont focus much on the drawing, because i agree to some criticism that its not that good. but man, when it comes to story, its the best.

some mangas, adventures are almost the same, but with ONE PIECE, every adventure is different from the other. after finish reading one of their adventure, you cant wait to read their next because you know it will different.

i didnt read updates for the past two months till now. reading the chapters week per week could be frustrating. when you’re all excited on the scene, then the chapters end, you have to wait for a week for the next chapter. Anyway, luffy is in the middle battle penetrating ImpeL Down on his own to save ACE. the last time they penetrate the Impel Down when they save ROBIN, they barely penetrate inside of the impel down. So to save ACE from the deepest level of the impel down, level 6 to be exact, it really a suicide. good thing luffy found help from his father’s nakama, ACE nakama and also from his former enemies.

i miss his crew. where are they. i thought the guy that was turned into a woman was Nami. succeeding chapters will be the battle between the Marines and White Beard group(that is, if he’s going to show up) and luffy’s group.

i cant wait for the reunion of straw hat pirate crew.

kudos to the mangaka. wish for good health to him, so he can write this manga forever. hehehehe. seriously this could go for few years and i will never get tired of it

to read online visit One Piece @ One Manga


One Response to “ONE PIECE RULES!!!!”

  1. maoling said

    It’s good to see someone who loves One Piece just as much as I do >._____________>
    So, I don’t want it to be changed because One Piece is perfect as it is right now! ^^

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