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Fahrenheit Coming for Autograph Session on 5/29 in Malaysia

Posted by diopatra on May 10, 2009

Source: Wu Chun Fever

Fans in Penang are very lucky this time! The appeal of Fahrenheit once again will sweep through Malaysia. Specially presented by DiGi and HIM Records, the [Loving Fahrenheit More and More Autograph Greet & Meet] will take place on May 29th. This time, Fahrenheit is making a special trip to Malaysia to have an encounter of the closest kind with their fans for their third album [Loving You More and More].

Fahrenheit who released their first album three years ago won the acceptance and support of fans immediately and allowed them to gain popularity quickly. Advertising jobs, endorsements, concerts and invitations to appear in drama followed in quick succession making the four of them incredibly busy. In these three years, each time when they released a new album, Fahrenheit had not been able to squeeze any time to come to Malaysia to do any promotional activities for the albums and to meet their fans. That had greatly disappointed the fans who loved them.

All this time, HIM Records Malaysia had been unflaggingly trying to arrange for a slot in their promotion schedule. Finally after the Malaysian concert on March 28th, the company was able to arrange a short two and a half day’s time for Fahrenheit to go come and meet fans who had long been waited for them.

Large Scale Autograph Session for 100,000 People

This time, under the careful planning of the organizers and HIM Records Malaysia, it was decided that the two precious days will be “given” to fans in Northern Malaysia and Southern Malaysia. On May 29th, Fahrenheit will fly directly from Taipei to Penang and travelled straight to Auto City in North Ryde and will hold a special large scale autograph session for 100,000 people at 9 o’clock in the evening. The sincerity of the four young men would surely and deeply touch the hearts of each and every single fan.

The next day, Fahrenheit will continue their journey and fly to Kuala Lumpur for their one and only press conference. Also, the co-sponsor for this event, FM 988 will also create a game segment and give 10 lucky winners a chance to participate in the press conference and meet their idols face-to-face.

Exchange Tickets at Kwong Wah Yit Poh

After staying a short three hours in Kuala Lumpur, Fahrenheit will next go to Johor Bahru to prepare for another large scale performance at The Zon at 8 o’clock that evening.

The continuous performances within 48 hours demonstrated the sincerity of Fahrenheit. Fahrenheit who had always been fond of their fans made the following promise to their fans through their record company: They will bring a series of surprises to the fans in these two autograph sessions!

Please see Kwong Wah Yit Poh for details on exchange tickets for the event.

Wu Chun Lead Everyone to Taste Fried Rice Cake Strips

Other than anticipation towards meeting their Malaysian fans, Fahrenheit also were in anticipation of Penang’s fine cuisine. Because they had heard that Penang was a fine cuisine heaven, the four of them felt very excited. Furthermore, they also had long heard high praises from their seniors S.H.E for the food in Penang, such as Fried Rice Cake Strips (chao guo tiao) and laksa (a spicy and sour soup). Hearing all that filled them with anticipation and they already made plans to have the staff bring them to try out all the fine food as soon as they get off the plane!

Penang’s Fried Rice Cake Strips was the favorite of the Bruneian-born Wu Chun. He indicated that he will be the tour guide to introduce the special qualities of Fried Rice Cake Strips to the other three.

He shared that there were many delicious food in Malaysia. Each time he came to Kuala Lumpur, in between work, the staff would buy a lot of native delicious food for their enjoyment. Their favorite was food that was sour and spicy.

Fans Could Make Online Recommendations

In order to search for native fine cuisine in Penang, the reputed “Fine Cuisine Heaven”, the staff in HIM asked help from fans in Penang. If anyone know any place with fine cuisine that they want to recommend to Fahrenheit, they could login to the HIM website ( and post details of their fine cuisine recommendations.

DiGi Customers Have Interaction on Stage

DiGi Wireless will bring a special experience to their customers and let them interact with Fahrenheit up close.

Sales Manager of DiGi Wireless said: [We are using multi-facet experiments and through different channel to bring music to our customers. Now, not only could our customers be able to enjoy Fahrenheit’s performance in close proximity, they could even go on stage and interact with Fahrenheit. This would be a rare and precious opportunity and experience.]

For this, DiGi set up a package for customers to download the songs from Fahrenheit’s newest album [Loving You More and More] for a cost of RM9.90 (website:, WAP website: or through text msg – enter GET FRH and send to 2000). The first three thousand download customers will each receive two tickets for the autograph session.

DiGi customers who downloaded this album could also enter the Fahrenheit text message competition. The twenty contestants who answer the most number of questions correctly will be allowed to go on stage and participate in playing games with Fahrenheit.

Note: Please credit wyn0602 of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.


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