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[Interview] 2PM “Boss, Teacher, Older Brother J.Y.Park”

Posted by diopatra on May 10, 2009

Credit : Korean – Eng by ChloeJN@Youtube

[Interview] 2PM “Boss, Teacher, Older Brother J.Y.Park”

Returning with their new song ‘Again & Again’, 2PM tells us about J.Y. Park’s hidden side. J.Y. Park is JYP Entertainment’s representative and teacher who has trained and believed in each of the 2PM members since their trainee days. 2PM’s love and trust in J.Y. Park is quite special.

– JYP Entertainment “Boss” J.Y. Park –

In Business and music, J.Y. Park has a reputation for being very cautious and careful. Especially when it come to releasing an artist to the public. J.Y. Park will NOT release an artist to the public unless they are in perfect condition. Therefore, before releasing their 2nd single, 2PM went through much preparation to show a better quality and growth.

First J.Y. Park produced 2PM’s song in the U.S. Having the image of an idol performance group, rather than producing music that would be easily accepted, he created music that would grab the audiences attention.

Team leader, JaeBum said, “ Now, going to the U.S. to record a song is no longer a new idea. I also believe that you do not necessarily have to record in the U.S. in order to produce great music. However, I am sure that it was an opportunity for 2PM to gain a new experience and a larger perspective. I think that is why J.Y. Park called us to come to the U.S.

If it is true that idol singers do not follow trends but instead start trends, then 2PM recording in the U.S. is of much meaning and value.

– Best Performance 2PM “Teacher” J.Y. Park –

J.Y. Park has a considerable amount of expectation in his 2PM “disciples”. “When things are not working out in the recording studio, J.Y. Park begins to hit(?) himself.”, revealed JaeBum. Youngest member, ChanSung added, “When we are recording, there are many instances when it gets a bit scary. Whenever we are either recording or training, J.Y. Park gets into a very sharp and intense mood, so much so that he seems like a completely different person. Not even the most insignificant problems are overlooked”.

The seven members of 2PM say that J.Y. Park knows each of their individual weaknesses. JunHo mentioned, “In my case, I’ve been told many times that when I’m on stage I tend to contract and my facial expression and dancing seems to lack confidence and freedom. During this past training period, I concentrated specifically on those aspects”. “During ‘10 out of 10’, acrobatics was the focus but my body was too heavy”, WooYoung confessed. They continued to explain that for each member who lacked in vocals, a strict vocal training program was enforced.

TaekYeon noted, “No matter how powerful a singer moves on stage, they mustn’t loose their flow (breath). We learned that if 2PM is to not only be a performance group, we must work at it.”

– The One “Older Brother” That We Can Trust, J.Y. Park –

Though he is a strict teacher, once the product is complete he becomes more like an older brother. “Once we finish our mission, whether it is singing or dancing and we go out to eat together, you really start to think, ‘He is such a great person’. Maybe it’s because he is so harsh during training?” said JunSu jokingly.

“We more than anybody know that the never ending practices and the scary recording processes are all because he has such a high expectation for us.” said 2PM. In these situations J.Y. Park tells 2PM to call him “older brother” (hyung), but they do not. However, it is not because he is a scary boss but simply because of the age gap. “Don’t you think ‘uncle’ would be more suitable than ‘older brother’?”, said the members of 2PM while laughing.

One week after releasing 2PM’s “Again & Again”, they are already on top of most music ranking charts. This is a result of J.Y. Park’s dedicated trust in the members and the member’s hardwork. 2PM’s conquest has just begun.


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