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Jewelry Floored by Real Talent

Posted by diopatra on May 10, 2009

Park Jung Ah, leader of Jewelry, had some harsh words for the trainees on the reality show “Emperor’s Children.”

On the Mnet reality show’s 4th episode, Park Jung Ah was shocked and disappointed with the trainees disharmony and discord with one another. She said that the trainees could only be described as “grass shoots that have already yellowed.” Park Jung Ah saw how the kids can’t get along even before a group has been formed. Like sprouting grass that has yet to grow, these kids are already decaying from the inside out.

She stated even that the director of their company, Cho Sung Woon, came to her and Seo In Young at the time of their re-debut “to give more parts to the new members and to make them feel welcome. Support and encouragement within the team members is the first thing new trainees need to learn.” With Jewelry’s near ten year run, Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young compared their hardships with these new hopefuls.

“When I was on busy with my own promotions, In Young supported me and when In Young promoted her own activities, I supported her too. For girl groups with members of different ages, there needs to be a strict unni or a wise leader to lead the group.”

Seo In Young said that “the trainees fighting and bickering is very irresponsible and cannot exist for a group to survive. Self-promoting actions and thoughtless inconsideration need to be clearly distinguished. Patience and teamwork is more important than trying to stick out from the group.”

credits: allkpop


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