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Seohyun’s intense pillow fight with Tiffany “Flood of tears”,

Posted by diopatra on May 10, 2009


Translation: k_Taevid @

Seohyun of SNSD cried endlessly after a pillow fight against Tiffany.

The members of SNSD paired up and conducted pillow fights as a way to drag out the inner emotions for the MBC ‘Horror Film Factory’ which will be airing on the 10th.

Tiffany and Seohyun conducted an intense pillow fight and Seohyun cried to her heart’s content after a fierce hit from Tiffany.

Also, the members of SNSD played the roles of weather reporters as a lesson of learning control of emotions. The studio was heated up with Sooyoung’s sexy version of weather report and Taeyeon started to pour out tears as she was filming her part at which she was reporting the recent incidents regarding sand storms.

On this day, the girls had to wander around classrooms where various frightening gadgets and traps were placed while they were tested on their horror acting abilities. Even the three girls, Taeyeon, Sunny, and Hyoyeon, who are known to be brave trembled in fear.

The show will be airing on the 10th, 5:20 KST.


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