Confession of a Wandering Soul

Charlene Choi will not tolerate two-timing

Posted by diopatra on May 11, 2009

charlene choi

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) was in Tuen Mun Plaza yesterday, doing a promotion activity for instant spaghetti. Ah Sa not only played games with the audience, such as feeding them spaghetti, but also gave out lots of presents. While she was singing “Two Missing One”, the sound system suddenly stopped playing, but Ah Sa continued to sing without the music.

Speaking about Rihanna, a famous American black singer, whose nude pictures were circulated on the internet after she was assaulted by her previous boyfriend, Ah Sa said people who beat up women, elderly people and young children are the worse kind in the world. She stressed that there must be something wrong with that person who put Rihanna’s nude pictures on the internet. He must have an evil mind. Ah Sa went on to say, “When two people are together, you have to trust each other. But when you put your trust in that person and that person betrays you, it is heart-breaking.” The reporter asked Ah Sa if she has ever been betrayed. Ah Sa said that, when she was in school, her boyfriend was two-timing her. She was heartbroken. She would never let anyone betray her again. On the other hand, she hasn’t betrayed anyone either.

Ah Sa told reporter that, after the event, she would go shopping to buy presents for her grandmother, her mother and her aunty. She added, “I will give my grandma the instant spaghetti which I got from the sponsors because she always supports me.” Ah Sa went on to say that one of the reasons she had entered the entertainment industry was to give her grandma all the presents she has received from the sponsors.



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