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2NE1 accused of plagiarism by netizens

Posted by diopatra on May 12, 2009

As if talking about it for once is not enough, netizens continue ona spree about the plagiarism issues on YG upcoming 2NE1’s debut.

Previously, there were talks about how their ‘Fire’ MV plagiarises singer M.I.A ‘Jimmy’ MV concept, now they are moving on to say that the group even copy of M.I.A’s fashion concept.

Netizens comparing the fashion concept of M.I.A with that of 2NE1.

There are also talks about how the ‘diaper suit’ that Park Bom was in for their new photoshoot is a ripoff from M.I.A’s during Grammy Awards 2009 video provided by BOMtarat.

Netizens say:

* “I mean there are always times when things look a little alike”
* “This is irritating. All the comparisons and accusations of plagiarisms. This is Korea. And these girls are trying to debut, give them a break”
* “Gosh. To be honest. This is getting worse and worse.”
* “This is not plagiarising, but parody?”
* “You guys have just a lot to say about these girls debuting?”
* “They really look alike”
* “It’s the stylists’ fault! Copycats”
* “Aigoo can’t our country come up with some idea special to our own?”
* “Instead of plagiarising, isn’t this more like inspiration?”

credits: kbites

i dunno whats more insulting being accused of plagiarism or making a parody.

now im seeing what netizens are pointing out, there similarities of concept, what so funny is, i think im going to agree with the parody comment. damn, now that im hearing the song of M.I.A, there’s even similarities on “FIRE”.

i like the song “FIRE” but i think there’s a lot of similarities that a person cant help but notice. legal wise, i dont think someone will file a lawsuit of plagiarism against YG, maybe the other party will just take it as “parody” or “cover”.

though the netizens cant do anything but accuse. if they dont like it then dont support it. as for me, i reserve my judgment after their live performance. coz seriously, i myself having doubts on them. the mv are too “digitalized”, and its obvious that some parts of the audio were “cured”.

too much of the “female bigbang” hype eh?


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