Confession of a Wandering Soul

Joe Chen: Boyfriend has yet to open up the last lock to my heart

Posted by diopatra on May 12, 2009

Source: UDN
Translation by minivicki @

Joe Chen has little longing for marriage and has declared that it is difficult for any male to go really go into her heart. If we have an analogy and Michael, her Australian boyfriend for 4 years, is said to be a key, Joe Chen’s response was “He has yet to unlock the last lock to my heart.”
If this analogy was used on her new partner Blue Lan in “Easy Fortune Happy Life”? Joe joked that “If his key is used to open my lock, it’ll probably get stuck!”

Joe Chen reveals that her coldness towards love is more or less slightly influenced by her shining work results. Idol dramas “Prince Turned to Frog” and “Fated to Love You” all had record-breaking ratings and these led to her anticipating more feelings of pride that can be caused by her work. Putting aside the disappointment in not getting the Golden Bell Award last year, Joe Chen has her eyes set on the big screen for the later part of this year. Before she clinches a best actress title, love will not be the priority in her life.

Working with Blue Lan this time round is a very unique experience for her. “My past partners like Ming Dao and Ethan are all talkative guys. Blue is more silent. We will only talk about work stuff and not private stuff.” Also, Blue Lan does alot of homework. “He describes himself as having installed a memory chip and hence he can’t anyhow change his acting style when acting.” Joe however has tested that and she declared that even when she suddenly come up with something different, Blue can still catch the ball and continue.

Making use of her spare time from filming “Easy Fortune Happy Life”, Joe came to do a photoshoot and interview for the newspaper’s “New Style” column. Wearing LOEWE’s black flowery outfit and the military style outfit, Joe broke away from her on-screen plain and simple girl image. When she saw the Tiffany series of key necklaces that is used to go with the outfits, Joe cried “This is too suitable for me! I’ve long wanted to make a key necklace because I really lose keys very easily.”

Joe’s a blur girl and can drop her keys wherever she go. She often calls up the locksmith during midnight to open her house door and even if she duplicates 3 copies of her keys for her friends to keep for her, they’ll be used up within 3 months. The money she spent on finding locksmith, duplicating keys and changing locks has accumulated to ten thousand dollar and more. Her phone now has the phone number of a locksmith that is working 24 hour.

Joe laughs at herself and said that perhaps her mind is all focused on acting so she often lives her life brainlessly. For example, when she came back to Taiwan from Beijing after filming, she even mistook Taoyuan Airport to be Song Shan Airport and when the taxi driver was driving her home, she nervously thought that she was getting kidnapped and she went and asked the driver “Is this a new road?”
The taxi driver was stunned.


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