Confession of a Wandering Soul

Sylvia Chang: Joe Cheng is like a ‘young lover’

Posted by diopatra on May 13, 2009

Source: bjyouth.ynet
Translated by: Kassy @

The previous day [Design for Living] come to Beijing for the second time —
The stage play that is directed by director Edward Lam, lead by Sylvia Chang, Zheng Yuan Chang and David Wang etc was in Beijing for the second time on the day before yesterday, to present the [The life of the working class] in Beijing’s Theater. During the afternoon of the previous day and about 10 minutes before their rehearsal, several main cast were there to meet up with the reporters, talking about their thoughts and impression with the cast during the tour performances.

In Zheng Yuan Chang’s eyes, [Zhang Jie] is like a mother, he even blurted out: [I love her, I want to be Sylvia Chang’s son] and then he immediately added: [She is also like a sister, a friend that share the same level and a little girl. You didn’t get to see, but when she’s in backstage she will start to dance around when she heard the music playing.] While Sylvia Chang does not detest about the titles that will resemble her mature age, she smiles and says: [All of us will be more like lovers, this intimate relationship is very intense.] After looking at the 3 guys, she said Zheng Yuan Chang is like a [young lover], David Wang is like [mature lover] while Edward Lam is a [talented lover] since she has started off with her joke, Sylvia Chang says: [Sometime in my real life, my son is like my young lover too.]


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