Confession of a Wandering Soul

Joe Cheng hasn’t receive keys to his new apartment; fans have already know about it

Posted by diopatra on May 14, 2009


Source: ChinaTimes
Translated by: Kassy @

Previously Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zong) was in Mainland China promoting his stage play and gets interact with his fans via the internet chat room, and never would have thought that there’re fans who would leaks out information to the internet, saying that there’re fans who have went through investigators to check on Xiao Zong’s assets, even found out that Xiao Zong has bought himself a second apartment, becomes the neighbor to his [on-screen wife] Lin Yi Chen, on May 12th Xiao Zong says: [I have heard news about fans going through investigators to check on me, hope they will give me a little bit of space.]

In the beginning of the year Xiao Zong has accepted 2 commercials from Mainland China, with a bursting wallet, he have helped his mother and him to get a new apartment, the 30 pings apartment worth (NTD) million and above, still under refurbishing. Last time very often the fans would followed Xiao Zong home, he never thought that his new apartment will be exposed before he received his keys either, yesterday his management company stated that they are still observing the situation, if the fans go over the line, they might consider taking legal actions.

Previously Xiao Zong lives on the 1st Floor, and his fans would be standing at the front of the building, shouting at his name, the neighbor finds it very disturbing; the crazy fans had also intruded his room while he was filming in Heng Dian. Xiao Zong expressed that he is able to understand the behavior of the fans for doing so it’s to know him better, but he also hope that they won’t cause any trouble.


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