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Acting as a magistrate in , Wu Chun keeps away from romance

Posted by diopatra on May 15, 2009

Source: UDN
Translated by catalie @

Fahrenheit’s Wu Chun has become interested in acting in films; following last year’s , this year he will be working alongside martial artist Donnie Yen in the martial arts film 錦衣衛. Wu Chun who often acts in idol dramas, will this time be leaving the romantic scenes to Donnie Yen and Vicki Zhao. Instead, he will act the just yet evil character “magistrate”, a very big challenge.

is the new project for Hong Kong director Daniel Lee 李仁港 since . Yesterday a news conference was held in Bejing, Donnie Yen, Vicki Zhao, Wu Chun, the director as well as others, appeared together. Donnie Yen who gave a brilliant performance as lead in , will this time be acting as an imperial martial arts expert being chased by killers, luckily Vicki Zhao rescues him and furthermore writes him a love song. Donnie Yen laughed saying, this time he will [act out] being in love as best he can. On the contrary, Vicki Zhao hopes she can act in an action movie.

Daniel Lee’s movies are known for their unique artistic style. He said that he will make a “romantic martial arts” film. They will start filming soon and it is scheduled to be released in cinemas in spring next year.


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