Confession of a Wandering Soul

Ariel Lin endorsing well known beverage, specially sang the theme song and also attempted writing the lyrics

Posted by diopatra on May 15, 2009

Source: LibertyTimes
Translator: Kathykel @ TKA Subbers

Celebrity Ariel Lin has previously been the spokesperson for the well known beverage’s Heisong and because of her fresh image, she naturally gets the approval of the company and was recently assigned a second time to endorse Heisong’s beverage. To capture the best real side of Ariel, Heisong specifically spent ten millions for the advertising budget. It allows the filming crew to proceed to Hualian and capture Ariel who is wandering about in the green pasture, the most natural and sweet side of her.

During the filming process, it not only used a fresh and natural background to lay emphasis on Ariel, the company also especially allows Ariel to sing the song in the commercial, the lyrics of which were written by her. As Ariel is often involved in commercial shoots but had no experience in singing songs with her own lyrics, she seemed to have some difficulty adjusting (to that situation). Ariel expressed that [When the video’s images and voices belong to you, you get this feeling that you are scrutinized with a magnifying glass and forced to a corner! However, I personally like my current job very much. Although the feeling is strange, I am still learning to adjust to it.]

Since the commercial’s song this time is written and sang by her, Ariel is exceptionally more involved in her commercial’s role. In this commercial, it shows the feeling of being lost in the faint touch of happiness and desire. When asked whether she felt ‘in love’ during the commercial shoot, Ariel Lin smiled and said [(I’m) Open mind(ed) on embracing love but I’m not in a hurry to settle down; let’s talk about it after being friends first! As what the lyrics describes: Just like the clear bright sunlight in my heart, the warm strength; let happiness starts soaring! ]


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