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SS501 Tarrot Card Reading

Posted by diopatra on May 15, 2009

SS501 asking about their love life.

**Brief Translation for their readings**

Jung Min: There will be someone whom you would want to marry, but it will not come true. The one you will marry will be after. The 2nd lover.

Kyu Jong: From the readings, you might divorce. Although you will divorce, you will meet someone much better after that. It could be for a better partner.
(JungMin commented that KyuJong is originally those who can’t stay put for long)

Young Saeng: You have very upright concept on love and marriage. Among the 3 who have done the reading, your concept is the most upright. You will marry someone whom will follow you. Someone who will respect your thoughts and decision. Shouldn’t have the problem of divorce.

Hyun Joong: You are the type who will restrict your partner. You will be restricting your wife after marriage. But your wife will not be restricted by you. You will simply like beautiful woman. The one you will marry will also be someone pretty. Might even be model.

Hyung Joon: You will marry your partner not long after dating. (JungMin commented that HyungJoon is those who will not try to thoroughly get to know someone) You values on first impression. If the first impression is right, you will stay with her for long. Your partner will be someone simple and pure.
(Hyung Joon even wants to know if his future partner will be taller than him. JungMin reminded him it’s just a reading. Not to take it too seriously.)

Cuts from Osaka trip epi 7
Taken from Youku
credits: reenalim29@yt


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