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Story behind Triple S Initials on U R MAN Album

Posted by diopatra on May 15, 2009

Young Saeng, Kyu Jong & Hyung Joon Talking about their initial used on the U R Man album

**Brief translation**

Talking about their nick used on the U R Man album.
Hyung Joon is H&B
Kyu Jong is J-Dream

HJ: H&B, there’s not much meaning to it.
It’s my name Hyung Joong the H, and the B from my brother name Ki Bum from U-kiss because we are doing music together.
So when i wanted to show everyone, I think that this initial isn’t bad.
So i used H&B. To represent me and my brother.

Host: Kyu Jong used J-Dream?

KJ: I wanted to come up with something. One day i dreamt of the singer that i have admired for a long time, shouting ‘dream’ to me.
Keep repeating ‘dream’, ‘dream’
The J infront, by adding a J infront, it’s something like Just my dream, or is it Of my dream something like that.
There’s a phrase like that right? That’s the meaning

Host: I always thought it was something more profound. So it’s just that simple.
But why Young Saeng?

YS: Actually when we form this project group, I already said that we don’t use our original name. We shall use our initial all in english. I have thought of my own initial since long ago.
Y’S I thought of using Y’S long before.
So told the 2, i have already come up with my initial, so they should think of 1 for themselves and we’ll use it in the album.
I mention that.
But when i suggested that, they have no reaction. So i thought that we’ll just forget about using it.
But until when i saw the photos, i didn’t know anything before that.
I didn’t even know when we took the photos for our album. Then one day when the photo came out, my friend here used H&B, and he used J-Dream. Me, Young Saeng.
What is this?

HJ: Stabbed from the back

YS: I didn’t know anything about it

HJ: We didn’t communicate well
I called up the company and talk about this thing. I also told them i have not contacted Young Saeng
That was just few days before the release of album.


Taken from youku
Chinese sub by DoubleS
English translation by reena29lim

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