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T-MAX Holds 1st Concert in Japan

Posted by diopatra on May 15, 2009

The group T-MAX has successfully held its first concert in Japan, showing off the charm and talent of its members.

T-MAX’s popularity has been on the rise since the TV drama “Boys Over Flowers” drew the spotlight on the satellite channel Mnet. On May 10, the group gave two concerts, both entitled “T-MAX First Live,” at the Astro Hall in Tokyo. The band opened the concerts with the songs “Bang Bang Boom” from its 2007 debut album and “Bad Tooth.” It also performed rock songs and ballads with a four-member Japanese band.

The T-MAX members freely communicated with their audiences in Japanese because they have studied the language since their debut.

T-MAX also performed the ballad “Lion Heart” from the popular band SMAP and also sang its bossa-nova song “Blooming” in perfect Japanese. Each member also performed solo: Park Yoon-hwa sang “Making Me Bad,” Shin Min-chul “The Reason” and Kim Jun “Emptying” from the F4 project album.

The band also screened a video showing its visit to Japan on April 15 to attend a “Boys Over Flowers” fan event. When singing the original soundtrack “Say Yes,” the group’s leader, Shin Min-chul, appeared onstage wearing Geum Jan-di’s school uniform.

To surprise its fans, T-MAX performed its new ballad “My Confession,” which was introduced by Kim Jun.

As an encore song, T-MAX sang “Paradise,” the original soundtrack of the drama “Boys Over Flowers.” After the concert, the members shook hands with their fans, who had gathered at the entrance of the concert hall.

A person from T-MAX’s agency says Kim Jun has received many offers to act since his appearance in “Boys Over Flowers” and that Kim is carefully considering them. He also added that the T-MAX members will release their solo single albums in June before they release a new studio album in the fall.

The T-MAX members shared their impressions of their first concert in Japan in an interview with Yonhap News. Kim Jun said he was worried about his voice because it was strained due to excessive practicing, but that his worries proved groundless thanks to the support of his Japanese fans. Park Yoon-hwa said he was nervous at first but once the concert began he was excited to have fun with the fans.

source: KBS

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