Confession of a Wandering Soul

[debut] 2NE1 – Fire @ Inkigayo 090517

Posted by diopatra on May 17, 2009

there have been a lot of discussions before this day, 2ne1 debut.

the moment they were tagged as the female big bang, even the names were not revealed yet, the expectation were already high.

the release of lollipop MV, i had always give credit that to bigbang. aside from colourful outfits, 2ne1 weren’t really that GREAT on the vids. giving them the benefit of doubts, i still looking forward on their debut single.

the MV reallly turned out good. seriously i love it. but then the doubt wont leave my mind. why? the MV are too digitalized that some parts sound fake. so again giving them the benefit of the doubt, i said i’ll wait till their live performance.

now that i’ve watch their live performance, did they live on the expectations on them? in my case CL and minzy did. not much on bom and dara.

not bad debut, but they are far from being the female version of bigbang.


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