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Hyun Bin ‘appears’ in City Hall, becomes the ex-boyfriend

Posted by diopatra on May 17, 2009

Source : Xinmin
translated by karened @

Everyone is curious whether Hyun Bin will make a cameo appearance

According to the production team of “City Hall”, Kim Sun Ah will talk about her lover in “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” in the drama. This pun is expected to be a hilarious prank for the audience. In “City Hall”, Kim Sun Ah’s character Mi Rae ended up with millions wons worth of credit card debt after buying gifts such as watches and neckties for her ex-boyfriend. In order to clear her debt, she participated in a beauty peagant, hoping to win first place and get the cash prize of 20million won.

In the drama, when Kim Sun Ah was describing her ex-boyfriend to Jo Gook, acted by Cha Seung Won, Hyun Bin got mentioned. When talking about her ex-boyfriend, Kim Sun Ah said, “My ex-boyfriend looked exactly like Hyun Bin. He once told me that if only I was thumbelina and could be put inside his pocket.” This was what Hyun Bin’s character in “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” said when he confessed his feelings for Sam Soom.

Kim Sun Ah’s ex-boyfriend will make an appearance in the episode airing on 20th May. Many are wondering if Hyun Bin will be personally making a cameo appearance. Also, in tonight’s episode, Mi Rae will win the first position in the beauty peagant but the cash prize will somehow end up being used to help the poor.


One Response to “Hyun Bin ‘appears’ in City Hall, becomes the ex-boyfriend”

  1. binfantasy said

    OMG!! hyunbin oppa please make a appearence!!! pleeeeeese!! O’lord please answer to my prayer!!

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