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Charice’ Note to God in Amazon’s top 100

Posted by diopatra on May 18, 2009

On the first day of release Charice’ debut single “Note to God” place no. 71 at Amazon’s top 100 mp3 download.

no. 2 at “Movers & Shakers in MP3 Albums”. no. 1 @ Movers & Shakers in MP3 Songs.

not bad for a for a debut single and only on its first day. base on reviews, her single is really good.

let us keep on supporting her. good luck to charice!!!


geez, i think this entry is too early. coz the single still going up the ranking. may be i’ll update after the oprah show, coz surely it will boost the sales more.

as of 8 pm philippine time, it’s on no. 41 of the ranking already. seriously, rate going up the ranking is really crazy. i wouldnt be surprise if in 24 hours it will end up to no. 1. to think that this sales is only on amazon, there’s another download sites, in ITUNE. another thing the mp3 download is only available in US, so the non US resident fans, havent bought or downloaded the single yet.

i hope she’ll make it to US billboard chart.


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