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Ethan Ruan grabs a fortune, reaping tens of million with 4 commercials

Posted by diopatra on May 18, 2009

Source : UDN
translation by karened @

After his 「性癖好」(1) was disclosed, Ethan Ruan became even more popular. However, in spite of the spike in popularity, his income was not proportional. This year, because his role in “My Queen” was too heavy, he didn’t even have time to participate in events and activities. However, after filming was finished, he started grabbing a fortune, finally ending the period of “Zero commercials”. He filmed a shower gel commercial two days ago and will be filming another 3 soon, raking in tens of million dollars.

“My Queen” brought Wen Sheng Hao(2) to fame, just like how “Fated To Love You” helped Ethan Ruan create a turning point in his career. Having them two on the same drama, it is inevitable for comparisons to be made. During a handphone promotional event Cheryl Yang was invited to, the partner by her side was Wen Sheng Hao and not Ethan Ruan, and some people saw that as the senior’s fame rising quickly against the strawberry’s.

Now that Wen Sheng Hao’s relationship with his girlfriend is disclosed, he was branded as the “fake senior” – a price for fame. As someone who went through this before, Ethan Ruan said, “He did call me up to grumble, but I think this needs some time to get used to.” Regarding the possibility that senior could be his strongest competitor, Ethan Ruan was nonchalent because he still had a lot of things to complete.

With the wrapping up of filming for “My Queen”, he immediately moved on to prepare for the filming of Doze Niu’s new film Monga, undergoing classes to prepare for his character. It has also been confirmed that he will be undergoing training at a film/drama academy in Bei Jing at the end of the year so as to improve his acting. Last year, only Joe Chen was nominated in the Golden Bell Award. This year, his co-actress in “My Queen” is also a strong competitor. Also, Wen Sheng Hao may get nominated as well. The motivation behind Ethan Ruan’s desire to improve further is definitely not a weak one.

With such a huge increase in his income, Ethan Ruan has already bought a Gucci bag for his mother. Not just that. He has also not forgotten his girlfriend Tiffany Xu’s mother. When asked what he got for his “Mother-in-law”, he replied, “Let me keep it a secret! Otherwise, there won’t be any surprise.”


Translator’s notes
(1) Not sure what it meant coz I don’t follow his news, but literally means “sex fetish”
(2) The guy acting as Leslie Sung
(3) LOL just my comments. I really think Ethan’s acting is above average….and I look forward to him challenging the role of a triad boss. Hopefully it’ll be impactful but not too shocking. I was quite surprised to read so much comments on My Queen supporting the senior. But I can see why so. I guess this drama has really boosted the popularity of that actor. The article killed me at the end. A fact I never wanted to face…Joe!! (But well, she has a bf too so…)


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