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SHINee’s Comeback – “We Do Not Want To Compete, We Just Want To Sing”

Posted by diopatra on May 20, 2009

SHINee, living up to their honour of 2008’s highest popularity new artiste group, will be making their comeback soon.

Their album is titled ‘Romeo’, giving all females in the country the fantasy of them being crowned the ‘Juliet’, the five teenage boys will be releasing their second mini album titled ‘Romeo’ on the 21st, and will be making their official comeback stage on KBS 2 Music Bank on the 22nd.

In their brief 4 months of hiatus, these kids are impatient and could not stand to wait even a day, wanting to quickly return to the stage. Continuing from last year, they will be standing confidently under the colourful lightings on the stage.

When SHINee was not having any activities, their sunbaes from the same company, SNSD and Super Junior, as well as new group 2PM who debuted last year, has managed to accumulate much popularity. Hot topic new group 2NE1 has also made their debut stage on the 17th, ex-Wonder Girls member, Hyun Ah’s group 4 Minute and T-ara will also be making their debut in due time. So to say, faced with the ‘era of idol wars’ and also making their comeback, how much pressure does SHINee feel?

“When faced with competition each time, I never saw anyone as an enemy. When we debuted last year, there were a lot of outstanding sunbaes. So if we work hard, we will be recognised? This is what I feel.” (Key)

“Rather than competing with others, we should just work hard on our own to sing our songs, filling the music industry with even more variety and vibrance, that’s even better than the best.” (Jonghyun)

During the break, they watched videos of past performances, and realised that they have a lot of areas that they are lacking in. SHINee really hopes to be able to bring to everyone an even more matured stage. In that case, through this stage, what kind of performance does SHINee wants to show to everyone?

“We want to showcase music that is colourful and yet full of personality, and a SHINee that leads the trend and brings to everyone many different charming sides.” (Jonghyun)

“To always give a refreshing and hardworking image.” (Minho)

Faced with their upcoming first live performance, SHINee is well-prepared. On the 14th, they have secretly began promotions for their title song ‘Juliet’ through a Rose Day event around Seoul, and has received satisfactory response. On the 18th, cyworld music concert released ‘Juliet’ and the track shot to first place upon release, proving to be a strong track. What does unbeatable newbie SHINee dream of for their future through this activity?

“This is the reason why we look forward to coming back, it’s very stressful. But compared to having a lot of stress, we are more determined to want to work hard to get everything right. We only have one goal, to have SHINee and everyone in the music industry to work hard together to make music.” (Onew)

“It’s a comeback that we have really put in a lot of effort. We will really show that we have improved and that we are experienced, everyone please look forward to it.” (Taemin)

source: SHINee闪耀星球
chinese translations by: bobohero @ 闪耀星球
english translations by: atlantis-x @ SHINeee


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