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Bae Yong Joon richest celebrity in Korea

Posted by diopatra on May 21, 2009

Besides the usual performance and endorsement deals, many artistes are also likely to invest. According to Korea media reports, actor Bae Yong Joon is currently the richest South Korean celebrity.

With the rebound of the Korean stock market this year, celebrities who dabbled in the stock market benefitted significantly in terms of wealth. According to Korean media reports, there are currently five South Korean celebrities with stocks worth over 1 billion won (about S$1.16million); among them is Bae, who owns the largest portion, 34.8%, of the shares in Korean listed company KeyEast.

As compared to the first trading day of this year, KeyEast’s share price has soared by over 50 percent with Bae earning about 6 billion won (about S$7 million) from it, making him into the richest South Korean celebrity at present.

Second in line is the entertainment company which manages the famous South Korean boy band Tohoshinki. Third is Asian superstar Rain, who owns 13.36% of the shares of J.Tune Entertainment, which shares have hit a market price of 3.6 billion won (S$4.3million).

Source: Yahoo News


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