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Kim Ah-joong Shines in Wedding Dress

Posted by diopatra on May 21, 2009

Kim Ah-joong has wowed viewers by displaying yet more of her charm by wearing a wedding dress. She has been getting the chance to display all her charms as star actress Han Ji-soo in the drama “The Accidental Couple.”

The latest episodes showed how Han Ji-soo and Gu Dong-baek (played by Hwang Jeong-min) came to arrange a wedding under a contract. Viewers were put on edge as some incidents made them wonder if Ji-soo would ever be able to arrive at the wedding, where Dong-baek was waiting for her in a tuxedo.

A drama staffer, seeing Kim reveal her pure beauty in a simple wedding dress, said, “It is not easy to look sexy as well as elegant in a wedding dress, but that is exactly how Kim looked, and she impressed everybody at the shooting location. The simplicity of the dress seems to highlight her charm better.”

Kim said, “It is rare that an actress wears a wedding dress in a drama, but I’ve gotten to try on many dresses as well as a wedding dress for this drama. It’s fun and I felt happy in a wedding dress as if I were a spring bride.”

The KBS2 drama is aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 p.m.

Source: KBS


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