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SJ Leeteuk seems to have conquered anti-fans

Posted by diopatra on May 21, 2009


original source: rinny@asiae
credits: nanazhou@Baidu,
translated by

As “Sorry Sorry” reached a flourishing peak, Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk contentedly expressed that he “might already have conquered the anti-fans. I’m now planning the next step.”

Leeteuk recently met with reporters, saying “This album was the most exhausting. Originally, I was worried that if this time [the album wasn’t successful], it’ll be toilsome, but in our earnest attempt to conquer anti-fans, we gained recognition from the public, so it was very fun.”

Because Super Junior members participated in many other types of entertainment programs at the same time the group debuted, they had been attacked by many anti-fans. Leeteuk revealed the true heavy pain behind early album sales: “Though there are many anti-fans, in the end, I had been very depressed that even the negative comments have slowly disappeared. It seemed that the power of the Super Junior group itself had diminished, so I was very troubled that this album will not meet the expectations and will need a lot of work or not.”

Then, he said, “To overcome places where we did not do well before because of mistakes, we earnestly put in a lot of effort. Because it looks like that effort has succeeded, I’m truly happy. Recently, the members often meet together to talk about the next objective.”

Because the biggest gain from this album was defining Super Junior’s uniqueness, he explained “Even though we’ve shown everyone our active selves many times, it seems as though we lacked some musical color. With “Sorry Sorry,” we captured Super Junior’s musical uniqueness. If before we were relying on each individual member’s popularity, then now I feel that Super Junior with musical backing is more strong.”

He also happily said, “I’m also especially glad that the number of fans from ages 20-30 has increased. Recently, we often stand on college celebration stages.”

Super Junior will continue activities with follow-up song “Neorago (It’s You).” He said, “The song is both gentle and manly at the same time. It almost became the title song for the 3rd album before we received “Sorry Sorry.” This hazy love song should gain popularity among many women.”

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