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2NE1 speaks for themselves : ‘The 4 types of hurtful comments we got caught up in

Posted by diopatra on May 24, 2009


The group that is known as the ‘hottest rookies’ in the music world today, 2NE1 has had the debut stage. But, even though though the girls have been the biggest interest in music fans, there also has been hurtful comments and rumours surrounding them from their team name to their popularity even before their official debut.

2NE1 members have had an interview with ‘My Daily’ and have spoken up to the rumours that have been going around the internet. Even though these rumours are hurtful, the members answered ‘cooly’ without hesitation.

Giving a rookie group a 6 minute debut stage, surprising to everyone.

2NE1’s first stage was on the 17th at SBS ‘Inkigayo’. That day, 2NE1 debut was a 6 minute long stage disregarding the fact that they were rookies. Usually debut stages of rookies are usually 2-3 minutes long. This caught the eyes of netizens because of the differential treatment they got from other groups.

CL said “When i first heard that we had a 6 minute stage, I was thinking that we needed to try harder. Even though we hear bad things, that time of our stage had been given to us, and thought we should try harder because we got such a long time for our debut stage.”

Sandara Park, scandal because of the Philipines version of “We got married?”

Sandara Park who had return to Korea after doing activities on the Philipines, recently had a photo shown of her and a male model, which has been a huge interest between netizens. After this photo had been shown, it had spread into a scandal. A spokesperson from YGE said that this photo was taken when Sandara was starring in the Philipines version of ‘We got married’

Sandara also explained. “In the Philiphines, there is something called ‘Love team.’ You can think of it as an upgraded version of ‘We got married.’It is a program where the staff of the broadcasting centre put two people together to act like a real couple while doing activities. If that couple has a lot of popularity, they keep acting like a couple, but if they don’t the couple changes.” She had also put out there that it was hard for her as there were systems that she didn’t really understand.

Sandara, sexy concept photoshoot, netizens get interested.

Just before their debut, Sandara’s sexy concept photos got shown which caused embarrassment. These photoshoot happened back in the day when Sandara was working in the philiphines, for a male magazine. She was wearing a corset and bikni in a sexy atmosphere was was a shock.

At this, Sandara did not give an explanation. Instead she said “Because i was working in the Philipines a lot, these bad things have arisen (laughs).” Through this photoshoot, Sandara had shown a different side to her.

The name mix-up

‘Female Big bang’ which they had been called before debut, had originally meant to be called 21(To Anyone). But soon after it was known that there had been another singer with that name and YGE changed 21 to 2NE1. With the changing of the name, Boss Yang Hyun Suk said an officialy apology.

The members liked the name change. CL said “Because of our name change, i think we have gotten more interest. The meaning of the name is good and the style you write our name got prettier.”


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