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Jerry Yan puts on inexpensive blue slipper ; Laughs out loud when sensitive parts was touched

Posted by diopatra on May 24, 2009

Yan Cheng Xu puts on inexpensive blue slipper, laughs out loud when sensitive parts was touched
source: & cqnews
credit translation to Michi@OnlyF4

Media have numerous times criticized Jerry for being “difficult”, but in private he’s actually a “big kid”. Yesterday (May 22), Jerry did photo shoot for his new album cover, album title FREEDOM.

Filming was in a luxury villa at Taiwan Beitou mountain area, the temperature was over 30 degrees. Under the hot sun, Jerry perspired & followed the photographer’s instructions, walking up and down. During the photo shot, he will professionally show his signature smile and dimple. When the filming crew were busy, Jerry picked up the prop flower pot and placed it on his head, which made the crew laughed non stop.

Jerry changed 4 outfits the whole day, 1 of the outfit is a blue checkered shirt and blue pants, dressed formally but wore cheap blue slippers. The stylist seemed to have touched his sensitive area when was helping him with his buttons near his chest, he suddenly laughed out loud. After that, when everyone walked to the balcony for photo shoot, a crew noticed there is reporter a distance away secretly taking photos and shouted stop. But Jerry did not let it disturb him and concentrated on the photo shoot. After the photo shoot, he even smiled and greeted the reporter.

There was rumour that Jerry intended to invite Guan Ying to star in his mtv, but his company was afraid the focus will be placed on gossips and did not agree. His manager Fenny denied: “Totally no such plans, only rumours!” As for Jerry jokingly put the flower pot on his head to make others laugh, Fenny said Jerry is a funny person and he likes outdoors and sunshine. During the photo shoot, he will be relaxed. About the blue slippers, Fenny thinks that it is only an accessory, the photographer will only take 1/2 body pic, need not worry about the effect of the pics.

Jerry shooting for FREEDOM album cover
Jerry & the production team filming for the new album cover at Beitou mountain villa
Jerry jokingly put the flower pot on his head


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