Confession of a Wandering Soul

Mike He filming at Hong Kong, having meal secretly with Ah Sa

Posted by diopatra on May 24, 2009

Source: oncc
Translated by applejuice @

According to Hong Kong media, Mike He is filming director Alfred Cheung movie “treetop lover” at Hong Kong. When ask about whether he got meet Ah Sa who has filmed idol drama with him, he smile and said “Got.”

He said “I have called Ah Sa to eat together, li hai ba.” It is clear that there is unsatisfied feeling for being shooted by media. Yesterday, Mike appeared with his beard on face, he said that this look was for his recent movie scene: “The scene is I am abandon by the female lead, Li Xiao Lu, stay in my decadent home, and give up my life.”

He said that the movie will wrap up today and he will go back to Taiwan the day after tomorrow. However, due to his work, he is still unable to go around at Hong Kong. Mike said: “I will have a rest after this. I have not return to Taiwan for a long time.” About the global outbreak of influenza A H1N1, Mike said that he has done some preventive measures. In the plane, he will wear mask, but he will not reduce his work due to this.


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