Confession of a Wandering Soul

Joe Cheng achieving his own breakthrough

Posted by diopatra on May 25, 2009

Source: The Sun
Translated by: Kassy @

Taiwanese stylish guy Zheng Yuan Chang and mainland tall girl Zhang Zi Lin have successfully ventured from modeling to acting industry. As the main male actor in the idol series, Zheng Yuan Chang smiles and says that he is very much enjoying the journey of having a romantic relationship, but he is not having it with a girl! As for Miss World Zhang Zi Lin laughs and says that she doesn’t have a beautiful appearance, even laughs at her own height for causing her to have so many troubles!

Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zong) who started off as a model, has ventured to the entertainment industry in 2003, immediately transformed into a idol series super star, in the hit series [It Started With A Kiss] his played as [Jiang Zhi Shu], the character has increase his fame and makes him famous across Asia! Even though he has filmed uncountable series but Xiao Zong’s most unforgettable series will be [The Rose] his first series, he says: [After all, when I filmed [The Rose], I am not an artist yet, that feeling is very special, if there’s people who said being with your work is like having a romantic relationship then every series will be my lover, I think, [The Rose] will be my first love, it’s very subtle, a very special experience!]

Pulls himself away from the character immediately after finished its filming
After becoming popular, Xiao Zong is mainly filming romantic series, having a lot of intimate scenes with the female lead, when asked whether he would fall in love with his co-start, unable to pull himself away from the character, he firmly said: [I have never been worried about this problem, and my speed in pulling myself away from the character is getting faster and faster as I am getting older by the years, because I understand what acting is all about!]

Parents divorce leaving him with bad effect
Xiao Zong comes from single parents family, his parents divorce, cause him to have negative factors about family and love: [Because my parents divorce when I’m still young, so my expectation for my family’s blueprint will be very high, hope to have sweetness, and content etc, of course I know that the higher your hopes are the more disappointment you are going to get! About love……. Can be said that not really believe in one true love, because human interaction is actually very strange, full of changes, so I don’t have an exact path about love.] Even though he said that, Xiao Zong still hopes to be able to find a suitable significant other: [If one day, I’m able to find a girl that is able to attract me, I can’t deny that I will have a sudden marriage in secret!]

Some people say, as an actor, the most they worried about will be afraid that they will be categorized in a certain category, but Xiao Zong doesn’t seem to mind that being said by people that he is still filming [Idol Series], he says: [If there’s a good story, even if I am old, I will take it for sure, I started from filming series after all, and it’s very familiar and I won’t object. If we want to talk about afraid of being categorized by people, I think the most important point is that we need to ask ourselves whether or not we have categorized ourselves in a certain category, the most I’m afraid of will be I am too lazy, no improvement.]

Hoping to be a fully versatile artist
Xiao Zong has always been wanting to achieve his own breakthrough, he won’t stop moving his feet forward of course, lately he even gets to work with Sylvia Chang in a stage play performance, this is for sure a rare and valuable opportunity, he puts up a serious face and says: [After doing stage play performance, I noticed what is performing arts, I really want to do more in-dept research about this, while I’m still young, I will try to become a fully versatile artist]

Reporter: Tips in love confession
Xiao Zong has filmed a lot of romantic series, so he must have a lot of techniques in getting the girl! When reporter asked him for some tips, was startled to hear him saying: [I am not a romantic person, and I have never given out flowers to girls before!] his answer is neat and clear, I think, this will be Xiao Zong’s best way in getting girls!


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