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Kim Bum and Kim Byul’s movie kiss

Posted by diopatra on May 26, 2009

translation: dramabeans

As seen in these newly released stills, the action drama film Bisang [or Flight, or 비상] features a kiss between its two actors, almost-20-year-old hot commodity Kim Bum and 22-year-old Kim Byul.

The film is described as exploring the themes of young angst, love, pain, and maturation. Kim Bum (Boys Before Flowers, I Like It Hot) plays a young aspiring actor who dreams of being the best, while Kim Byul (Baby and I, Strongest Chil Woo) plays a “pure soul” who has an unhappy family life. The kiss scene follows the confirmation of the two characters’ feelings for each other.

The movie is directed by a relatively new director, Park Jung-hoon, whose last work was a 2007 short film A Day With Mr. 00. It also stars Bae Soo-bin of the currently airing weekend drama Brilliant Legacy.

The movie began principal photography on April 26 and is currently well into filming. It plans for a theatrical release in the latter half of 2009.


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