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Compare Dao Ming Si/Jun Pyo : Lee Min Ho Evil, Jerry Yan Righteous?

Posted by diopatra on May 27, 2009


Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @

Ken Zhu Xiao Tian stood up for F4 brother Jerry Yan, yesterday seeing the GTV Korean version of “Boys Over Flowers” poster, Ken pointed at Lee Min Ho saying: “I think Jerry is more handsomer than him, he seems to carry a bit of evilness, Jerry seems to be more righteous.”

Lee Min Ho will be arriving in Taiwan to promote the Korean version “Boys Over Flowers”, because of “BOF’s” popularity has lately watched the Korean version, had a lot of feelings. He said: “The Korean government really supports the film and television industry, their first episode’s scene is entry on a helicopter, compared to us; borrowing 2 sports cars, telling us to be extra careful, the 4 of us poor guys has never driven good cars, during filming with fear, to cause damage.”

As for the Korean/Japanese version dramas all used extra props, clothing, accessories to keep up the appearance, at the time of Taiwan’s F4 they were wearing original WuFenPu Fashion Area clothes. Ken said, Taiwan’s most successful part was they were able to film such a popular product with limited budget. Up until now, all of those prop clothing are still kept safe, allowing them to remind him anytime.

This time the modern F4, Fahrenheit is on the same stage, Ken said, this is like the F4 in earlier days 少不更事 young and inexperienced, now a days the idol groups are even better qualified, the modern F4 are stylish, Fahrenheit has a variety effect.

But he says straightforwardly, Fahrenheit’s period now is like F4 then when they’ve been overly worked, looking at Jiro Wang Calvin Chen tired, obvious dark circles.

20 Responses to “Compare Dao Ming Si/Jun Pyo : Lee Min Ho Evil, Jerry Yan Righteous?”

  1. Dao Ming S and Jiun Pyo look little similar to each other

  2. oyy said

    yea. omg they look very alike leh

    • gRaZy said

      .,yes they are..but they have similarities.., like GOO JUN PYO, he is more very good actor than DAO MING SIE..

      am i ryt,girl..??

  3. LenLen said

    LEE MIN HO is better

  4. israelita gladz said

    well…for me,jun pyo is more handsome than dao ming si……and,he looks like an angel nor an evil!!!….those who thinks that his an evil,our people who are envious with him!!!…that’s all…

    • gRaZy said

      .,yeahh.. ur ryt,,LEE MIN HOO is more handsome than JERRY YAN..ur absolutely ryt..i agree with you girl..

      r u agree with me..??

  5. mamae said

    jerry yan & lee min ho have similarities but lee min ho is more handsome and a better actor.

  6. Angel said

    I dont think so! Jerry is better! Hes more handsome than Jun Pyo! LOve him 4ever!

  7. Lucienne said

    Lee Min Ho is definitely more handsome and a much better actor. I haven’t learned much about him yet but i hope that he’s a kind-hearted person in real life as well. More power to Lee Min Ho! I hope he will have another soap opera with Hye seon Ku. They have great chemistry! Ü

  8. wowee said

    Jerry Yan is good for me…I think Lee min ho only drama was BOF I prefer Jerry Yan acting more
    ” cuz I’m a fan”

  9. mamae said

    lee min ho is not only handsome but a good actor while jerry yan has no acting talent to back up his good looks.

  10. geoge said


  11. Zqlralua said

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  13. sally said

    definitely Jerry Yan is more handsome than lee min ho and a better actor too

  14. bondi said

    I had watched both meteor garden and bof and I enjoyed meteor garder more than bof, its (bof) so boring, I love the characters of dao ming si and shan cai more,

  15. Elaine said


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