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SS501 Kim HyungJoon, ‘Challenges Acting!’ Changes into an actor

Posted by diopatra on May 27, 2009

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Casted for the role of the son of a wealthy family in Korea-Japan joint production ‘Tele Cinema’

SS501 Kim HyungJoon will challenge himself on acting as an actor.

Kim HyungJoon was made one of the lead actors for the Korea-Japan joint production ‘Tele Cinema’. Kim HyungJoon will thus debut as an actor after being a radio DJ and a regular MC for variety program. He will be doing both singing and acting concurrently just like other members of SS501, Kim HyunJoong who acts in ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and Park JungMin in musical ‘Grease’.

Kim HyungJoon will act as a rebellious son of a wealthy family, with novelty charisma in this drama, title yet to be confirmed. Kim HyungJoon’s partners for this drama are Bae SeulGi and Son HoYoung.

Kim HyungJoon secretly finished his filming at Seoul and Kyunggi-do, etc, in mid-April. Kim HyungJoon had to do various fighting actions during the filming and generously showed his acting with his actions. A close Kim HyungJoon source said “Kim HyungJoon had a strong image of being a magnae or a cute little brother previously. However, through this drama, he will show us the cool side of him as a man.”

‘Tele Cinema’ is a drama jointly produced by Korean actors and famous Japanese drama producers. DBSG’s Hero JaeJoong, Han HyoJoo, An JaeWook, Kang HyeJung, Lee JiAh, Kang JiHwan, Big Bang’s Top & SeungRi, Heo LeeJae, etc have already participated for this series. It will be first broadcasted through SBS this year and later through public TV channels in Japan.

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