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Visiting KARA at their MT – How does the seafood soup taste?

Posted by diopatra on May 27, 2009

thanks to mae@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic.

Who among the members of KARA is the “Palace’s Jang Geum?”
On a sunny day in the month of May, the members of KARA is filming for their latest reality program “MTV’s MetaFriends”, together with their fans who were all on a cooking mission.

The cooking mission had Park Gyuri, Han Seungyeon, Jung Nicole, Goo Hara and Kang Jiyoung had fans who beat the odds 240:1 to be present that day. Jo Kyung Hyun, Hong Sung Joon, Kim Soo Jin, Lee Seul Ki and Choi Da Jin were the lucky who were together with the members of KARA who got to show their hidden cooking skills.

Divided into 5 units, each member had one partner who were to go on this mission with them, with 30,000 Won as budget. With this, they went to a nearby market to buy the ingredients themselves for their desired dish.

KARA and their friends ran arround in the scorching heat as they went around to buy their ingredients, but even in the heat, they all did not loose the smiles on their faces as they were clearly enjoying themselves on this mission.

Although it was expected that they would be making simple meals like toast and ramen, the girls and their friends surprised everyone when they started makind real dishes from scratch, as evidenced by the ingredients that they got.

KARA and their friends dishes: Seafood soup, Chicken fried rice and Pork fried rice.

All of them finished their dishes within the time limit of one hour, and when it was time for everyone to gather, each one looked serious, realling wanting to win this challenge. As time passed by, the food being put on the table seemed more delicious than the last dish, making everyone lookin on very hungry. Despite the hot weather, the gas burner being broken and the fire that seemed not to be working very well, KARA and their friends did not give up, and thus managed to successfully complete the challenge.

And voila! KARA and their friends dishes!

“This is the first time I tasted something like this”, “This is too peppery” and “Its missing a certain flavor” – these were some of the comments at the judgment table. Finally, at the end of the day, Seung Yeon-Sung Joon was proclaimed winner.

The PD who tasted the dishes made by the 5 teams said that “I liked their dish the most because I like the certain hot and peppery taste of it. It was really delicious.”

Upon receiving their award, the winning pair said “We would like to thank the cameraman who filmed us in the heat while we were cooking!”, then smiled brightly at everyone present.

If there is a first placer, there are also the last placers which was a tie between Gyuri-Da Jin who prepared hot rice cakes and Nicole-Seulki who cooked the Kimchi stew and fruit platter. The two losing teams good-naturedly cleaned the dishes, afterwhich the first episode of MTV’s MetaFriends, the cooking mission ended.

Now its KARA’s comments. (I’m putting spoilers on this for those who haven’t watch the show yet and wants to be surprised at the winners)

The Kimchi stew received the comment that “Its the first time I ever tasted something like this.” to which Nicole admitted “It is true. It was a bit too salty. I think we boiled it for too long”
The two kinds of hot rice cakes were both last place. Gyuri said “I can’t admit defeat. We only were not able to put all the needed seasonings thats why it turned out that way. Its an all-natural taste. And, we don’t care about the ranking, so we’re okay.”
Seung Yeon-Sung Joon won. Jiyoung complained “They used pre-seasoned ingredients while we started everything from scratch. We were at a disadvantage.” To which the winner (who overheard this) said “We only used (while making a really small gesture with her hands) this much. The peppery and refreshing taste came from the seafood. What can we do about that?”


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