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Young Saeng likes Taeyeon

Posted by diopatra on May 27, 2009

you must understand how irritated i am posting this.

my baby liking someone on my least favorite group.

ignoring who he likes, he’s so cute blushing while other members teasing him.

and hyun joong famous giggle.

33 Responses to “Young Saeng likes Taeyeon”

  1. chy said

    yeah, i know what it feels..
    cuz i hate those girls too.. XDDD

  2. Corrine said

    I can understand how you feel.

    Young Saeng ah…of all people why her???

  3. lostmyseoul said

    I know young saeng ): ): you deserve better!! Not an snsd memeber!!!!!! ahhhhhh i feel your pain….

  4. mxys said

    its so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like taeyeon or whoever she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. eve said

    WHAT????????????? Young Saeng deserves much better than that ratface. I wouldn’t have minded if he had told Yuri or maybe Sunny but that Taeyeon is so not his type. She is so freaking ugly. Maybe she is the best singer in SNSD but I really hate her voice. Ugh….. Young Saeng must be tired because of overwork

  6. Jane said

    i don’t like Tae Yeon =((
    but if he really like her, exactly know who she is..
    haizz ..
    Young Saeng ahh =((

    p/s : SS501 <3<3<3

  7. DAMNYOU said

    u know
    taeyeon is freaking ugly
    he really shoud’ve chosen someone better

  8. SEXY said


  9. Medo said

    Ithink they will make acute couple:-D

  10. wat.... said

    uh, i think theyd make a great couple. and the bashing of SNSD, and taeyeon, isnt needed. also, taeyeon is not ugly. shes cute and pretty and has a nice voice and has charms and thats what made youngsaeng like her.
    jeez, i really hate antis. -.- esp to the comments. ratface? ugly? annoying? taeyeon totally does not match that description.

  11. Youngsaeng-fan said

    I still think that Taeyeon is not that suitable for Young Saeng cos of her non-understandable actions. I personally think that Jessica, Tiffany and Yoona are better…

  12. Ying said

    Well i don’t think Young Saeng suits Taeyeon either. None other than the members of other girl bands. Young Saeng should really find someone out there that really suits him better than going after those irritating girl singers. ( No offence because i like young saeng a lot. )

  13. Ying said

    And yes, i dont think taeyeon is suitable for youngsaeng because if you watched intimate note, you would have realized how a bitch taeyeon and the other members of SNSD was, scolding each other like nobody’s business. Gosh, they are stars and not normal aunties on the streets. I still don’t think taeyeon and youngsaeng should be together.

  14. IM SHOCKED TOO... said

    (or maybe he could like someone better like IDK Sunny or Yoona)

  15. aimikochoi said

    im really jealous at taeyeon!!!im really hate snsd!!!but if youngsaeng oppa really like taeyeon i just can watch and hope youngsaeng oppa happy

  16. rave said

    oie fk u all snsd is the best fk u all anti fans! u all r juz jealous

  17. vanrell said

    hey!!all those taeyeon haters!!!

    actually taeyeon and young saeng suits better!!!

    they are both cute!!!

    dont you have mirror????

  18. Carmen said

    Honestly it’s up to Young Saeng’s choice whether he likes Taeyeon or not. You anti fans have absolutely NO RIGHT whatsoever to bash Taeyeon. Bashing Taeyeon and saying bad things about her doesn’t make Young Saeng like you, so do us all a favor and shut up aright anti’s.

  19. hanbyul said

    why all of you like that??actually they suits better!!!
    you just a pervert stupid jerk!

  20. indy said

    i think , they will be cute couples. i.m agree with youngsaeng choose. .
    and they voice same good..

  21. indy said

    i think,they will be cute couples.
    i agree with youngsaeng chose tae youn.
    and they have same voice good ..

  22. sewwZ said

    this is so cute!
    a lot of man likes taeyeon~

  23. caroline said

    young seang has the right to choose his idol girl ok i find teayeon is pretty and cute

  24. SNSDnatic said

    you bitches!!!. .why you say those words to tae yeOn. .tAe yeOn is a great singer and preTty and cute. .the one who says they hate tae yeon because young saeng like him you go to hell. .it’s just all of you were jealous. .coz tae yeOn is way more beautiful to all of you. .damn bitches!!!. .tae yeon fighting!!!. .SNSD fighting!!!. .

  25. ct said

    young saeng & taeyon fighting!!!
    like both of them..very cute~~

  26. Izabel said

    why another snsd? whats so special with them? they’re my least favourite group too…. i know how you feel… i’m not saying shes ugly or anything.. i think she’s ok, but she isn’t that cute… but he really likes her so, whatever… it is his decision… don’t be haters guys, its not our decision to pick someone we like for him… if you’re a true fan of YS, if he’s happy, we’ll be happy for him! i heard hyun joong kind of likes her too, i think he has snsd’s song as his ring tone… correct me if i’m wrong, i think i saw it in an interview or something…

  27. Someone said

    Yeah haters… Taeyeon might be a ratface for haters but she is a cute,beautiful and kind one.(for me she aint a ratface) If she has an ugly voice then I bet she wont be in SNSD…

    I know your concerned but you cant do that to a girl like taeyeon who is a KID leade. If that kind of issue has benn done to you and you dont know anything about it huH?

  28. Someone said

    If taeyeon is ugly look at this:



  29. Lolfail said

    Hehehehe stop being jealous guys.He chose the girl he likes,shes pretty and beautiful.You cannot control his life,so stop being jealous.

  30. jessie:) said

    All you people saying he should pick someone because of her appearance make YoungSaeng look bad D< If he's happy, that good enough ._.

  31. sujubiased; said

    GOSH! What a load of immature fangirls you guys are…
    What has Taeyeon ever done to you? Did she want to be chosen as Young Saeng’s ideal type? Did she ask for it?

    (not that i don’t like them together or anything because i reckon they look cute together)

    Would you like it if someone started dissing you like that? Of course you wouldn’t, Taeyeon is a human as well. No matter if you think she is ugly or anything. Those comments were just plain flat mean.

    This comment was made by Young Saeng himself, true fans would respect his decision. I can’t believe there are people like you guys who don’t have a decent amount of respect for others.

    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Because you know what, you people are bullies.

    PS. I reckon Taeyeon and Youngsaeng make a cute couple.

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