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[HAPPY TOGETHER] 090521Phone Conversation with So Ji Sub

Posted by diopatra on May 28, 2009

Shin Bong Seon: How did your husband proposal?
Jang Shin Young: Proposal? We were at a small place where singers have showcase, with my friends and his friend So Ji Sub.
Shin Bong Seon: So Ji Sub?
Park Myung Su: Real So Ji Sub?
Shin Bong Seon: Not a waiter?
Park Myung Su: It wasn’t a waiter So Ji Sub?
Jang Shin Young: It was Real So Ji Sub.
Park Myung Su: Can you tell me nothing but a truth.
Yu Jae Seok: He is a good speaker.
Park Myung Su: I’ve never seen real So Ji Sub.
Jang Shin Young: It was a dinner altogether.
Shin Bong Seon: Ms. Jang Shin Young, you said you are close to So Ji Sub. Then can you call him?
Yu Jae Seok: That’s too
Shin Bong Seon: Why? She said she is close with him, we can’t believe it.
Yu Jae Seok: No, it’s so sudden to So Ji Sub… Can you?
Park Mi Seon: it OK to So Ji Sub?
Jang Shin Young: Yes.
Park Mi Seon: Really?
Yu Jae Seok: Is it really OK?
Park Mi Seon: Are you that close so he can take this sudden call from you?
Jang Shin Young: Well, I think he does. Shall I try?
Park Mi Seon: Give her a phone.
Yu Jae Seok: Really? to So Ji Sub?
Jang Shin Young: It’s embarrassing if he doesn’t take it.
Yu Jae Seok: We’ve heard some celebrities’ waiting music before
Park Mi Seon: Volume up please.
Jang Shin Young: He doesn’t take.
Yu Jae Seok: He likes hip hop.
Park Mi Seon: His coloring(=waiting music) is attractive.
Jisub: Hello?
Jang Shin Young: Hello
Jisub: Umm Shing Young a
Jang Shin Young: Yes Oppa, it’s Shin Young. How are you?
Jisub: What’s up?
Jang Shin Young: Hello. I am at Happy Together. They asked me if I am really close with you oppa so I called you…
Jisub: Ah so are you filming now?
Yu Jae Seok: So Ji Sub ssi!! So Ji Sub ssi!!
Yu Jae Seok: So Ji Sub ssi, how are you.
Jisub: Nice to talk to you.
Yu Jae Seok: This is Happy Together.
Jisub: Ah Yes.
Yu Jae Seok: What were you doing now?
Jisub: I was preparing for going out.
Yu Jae Seok: Where are you going?
Jisub: I’m going out for a business.
Yu Jae Seok: Ah you have a business today. Did you have breakfast?
Jisub: Ah yes I did, did you have breakfast?
Yu Jae Seok: No we didn’t.
Yu Jae Seok: It’s Park Myung Su.
Park Myung Su: So Ji Sub ssi, how are you?
Jisub: How are you.
Park Myung Su: I am your fan.
Jisub: I am your fan too.
Park Myung Su: Let’s meet once!
Jisub: Hello
Park Mi Seon: 저 It’s Mi Seon.
Jisub: Ah Hi
Yu Jae Seok: She is Park Mi Seon, wife of Lee Bong Won. Don’t mix up her with someone else.
Park Mi Seon:So Ji Sub ssi, do you have anyone you want to meet from MC of Happy together?
Jisub: The one I am talking with now
Yu Jae Seok: So Ji Sub ssi, really? It it real?
Jisub: Of course it’s real.
Shin Bong Seon: How do you think about me? Hi I am Bong Seon.
Jisub: Ah Hi
Yu Jae Seok: At Happy together, the person sitting at the end, Ms. Shin Bong Seon.
Shin Bong Seon: The girl who is cute.
Jisub: Personally I am your fan.
Park Mi Seon: I have something curious. Does Han Ji Min really look alike with Shin Bong Seon?
Jisub: …..
Park Mi Seon: Are you stifled?
Yu Jae Seok: You cannot speak.
Shin Bong Seon: How do you think about me as a woman?
Jisub: As a woman… Uh… Ssup~(sound of sucking saliva)
Yu Jae Seok: You are disconcerted a lot.
Yu Jae Seok: This phone call is unexpected, we don’t have any questions to be prepared.
Solbi: Please ask him about me.
Yu Jae Seok: Here is Solbi, wait a moment. Solbi wants to talk to you, is it alright?
Jisub: Yes, I’m alright.
Yu Jae Seok: Yes. Ah you are nice, So Ji Sub ssi.
Solbi: Hello, hi
Jisub: Hi
Solbi: I am your fan.
Jisub: Yes I am… yes.
Solbi: You are so good looking… You’re interested in music too, aren’t you.
Jisub: Yes, I am a bit.
Solbi: I am the one who got Big Bang’s signed CD for you.
Jisub: AH~ Thank you.
Solbi: Yes, I wanted to say it to you.
Jisub: Young Pil(his young manager) did… yes
Shin Bong Seon: Please to me once… Oppa!
Yu Jae Seok: Don’t call him Oppa. He would hang up if you do so. Don’t call him Oppa.
Shin Bong Seon: So Ji Sub ssi
Jisub: Yes
Shin Bong Seon: Could you please come to this Happy Together when you have time?
Yu Jae Seok: Wow how do you ask such thing? If you do that, give me the phone! Give me.
Jisub: If I have a chance I will show up once.
Shin Bong Seon: Oppa I heard it. It’s broadcasted.
Jisub: I want to ask one thing.
Yu Jae Seok: If you have anything to ask, please say it.
Jisub: Ms. Shin Bong Seon always shows us a new dance, well even though I cannot see it
If you have any new dance you are preparing, can I see it now?
Yu Jae Seok: Uh! Any new dance you are preparing
Shin Bong Seon: I can make one for you.
Yu Jae Seok: Please give her applause, other than Gee dance.
Yu Jae Seok: Watch it later on TV. This is the music. This dance is for So Ji Sub.
Yu Jae Seok: So Ji Sub is with you now.
Yu Jae Seok: So Ji Sub ssi, look at this.
Yu Jae Seok: This way, Bong Seon, this way
Yu Jae Seok: That’s it! Oppa is going up.
OK. Look at this later, Bong Seon danced it for you So Ji Sub. Please be sure to watch it.
Jisub: I will surely watch it on TV.
Yu Jae Seok: Do you have anything to say to the MCs of Happy Together?
Jisub: I am really enjoying it. It’s funny. Recently I see Park Myung Su is performing a new gag.
Yu Jae Seok: Is he performing a new gag? We even didn’t know it.
What gag are you talking about?
Jisub: I watch it every week. He is performing a silence gag.
Yu Jae Seok: What a man of sense! a man of sense!
Yu Jae Seok: Here we all are laughing out loud now thanks to you.
Yu Jae Seok: You are so funny even through the phone, how funny you will be if you are really here.
Thank you Ji Sub, I appreciate it.
Yu Jae Seok: Ah where’s my belly button. So Ji Sub talks about your new performing silence gag.
Park Myung Su: He is interested in me a lot.
Park Myung Su: I will keep my silence. I will keep performing this new gag.
Lee Young Ha: So Ji Sub’s good point is, he can keep the atmosphere of his character without cutting it.

translated by saturn@soompi

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