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Jun Jin Stopped Current Activities

Posted by diopatra on May 29, 2009

Singer Jun Jin announced that he will canceled promotionals activities out of respect for to the death of former President Roh Moo-Hyun.

Jun Jin who started off his promotional activities with the dance track “Hey Ya” voluntarily postponed all promotional activities. He has informed the even organizer in Daegu that he will not be attending the event.

On May 26, a Jun Jin’s spokeperson said: “I think is not the right time to perform dance tracks”. Due to the canceling of all peformences this week, Jun Jin will only a month after, but “Theres no other choice”.

Starting the end of May, Jun Jin will start his Asia Tour and will not be performing in any korean music programs for a month. During the week he will attend the recording of Infinite Challenge and he will still can be catch every weekend on MBC,”Infinity Challenge”.

A Jun Jin’s spokesperson also stated that this week should have been the most active with his “Hey Ya” promotions; before the start of his “Asia Tour”.

In addition, other singers like Chae Yeon, Lee Jung Hyun have drastically decrease their schedules, and will carry on with their activities next week.


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