Confession of a Wandering Soul

Arashi generating power by pedaling a bike, eventually burned out afterwards

Posted by diopatra on May 29, 2009


A press event was held in Tokyo on Tuesday for AU’s new commercials. One of the CMs is for a new device – a solar panel-equipped waterproof cell phone. In connection with that, the members of Arashi put on a performance at the event by generating power by pedaling aerobikes (?). In 100 seconds, they apparently generated 2790 milliwatt-hours of electricity, enough for about 180 minutes of continuous talk time. “This is tough!” they said.

The new CM is a sequel to the drama-like “Moshi Bokura ga, Arashi de nakattara” CM, and has a concept of “a summer unlike last year.” Ohno remarked, “Cell phones are evolving. At the beach, or when camping, or even on a deserted island, you can charge the solar phone.” Matsumoto also expressed his admiration, saying “I’ve thought it was inconvenient when you run out of power, so I think this is really convenient.”

The five members took 20-second turns on the aerobikes. Aiba was #1 among them, generating 650 milliwatt-hours, though he collapsed in exhaustion afterwards.

Arashi’s new song “Everything” is being used in the CM, which begins airing on June 1.

translations credits to migimaru-san


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