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SBS’s Dream fills out its cast

Posted by diopatra on May 29, 2009


source: E Daily, No Cut News, My Daily

Pop singer-dancer Sohn Dam-bi is giving up on her Hollywood debut and is turning instead to her new drama series, Dream. She had built up some hype (pun, har) for her entrée into Hollywood in the dance-themed film Hype Nation, but due to numerous postponements in the filming schedule, she’s decided to drop the film altogether.

That means she’ll be focusing on the drama Dream instead, which will take over Ja Myung Go’s Monday-Tuesday timeslot. The drama has added Choi Yeo-jin (Surgeon Bong Dal-hee) and Julien Kang to its cast list, who will join male leads Joo Jin-mo (Frozen Flower) and Kim Bum (Boys Before Flowers).

Kim Bum plays a youngster who takes up mixed martial arts, while Joo Jin-mo plays a sports agent. Julien Kang will take up the role of another mixed martial arts fighter, which may be fitting as he is the younger brother of real-life martial artist Denis Kang. (Julien, 27, is a Korean-Canadian model who’d appeared on the male version of Misuda, aka Global Talk Show, which features a panel of non-Koreans living in Korea.)


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