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Shin Ae Gets Married Twice in a Day

Posted by diopatra on May 29, 2009

Although it was supposed to be a private and closed-door affair, the Korean paparazzis still managed to get a full report of Shin Ae’s wedding, with some photos of her in her wedding dress, plus her non-celebrity, ahjussi lookalike boyfriend, husband, Park Jae Gwan (lucky bloke!). The biggest story coming out of Shin Ae’s wedding was that she had actually gotten married twice in less than a day.

Shin Ae was scheduled to have her wedding ceremony at 6pm but at 1pm, Shin Ae apparently had another extra wedding ceremony which wasn’t mentioned before. This additional wedding ceremony was specially catered for their relatives numbering about 200 from both families. The officiator of the wedding was actor Lee Deok Hwa (General Gang Gamchan in Iron Empress) while K.Will, No Brain and Big Mama sang the nuptial songs. Shin Ae was reportedly so touched and wept tears of happiness when K.Will was singing. Lee Deok Hwa and K.Will will also be doing the same thing at the 2nd session which will be graced by the presence from friends of Shin Ae and her groom.

With regards to having 2 wedding ceremonies, Shin Ae’s management explained, “We decided to split it into 2 sessions because we realize that the venue (only 200 maximum) was too small to accomodate all the invited guests which exceeded more than 200. The afternoon session was for family and relatives while the evening session was for friends of the married couple. The newly-married couple will head to Jeju Island for their honeymoon and settle down in their new home at Bangbae-dong, Seoul on their return. Shin Ae will continue her entertainment career after her marriage as reported earlier.

source: coolsmurf


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