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Super Junior chosen for Kyochon Chicken’s new ad campaign, Shin Dong rejoices

Posted by diopatra on May 29, 2009

Kyochon F&B Company, the company behind one of Korea’s most popular chicken franchises, Kyochon Chicken, recently acquired Super Junior (minus Kim Ki Bum) as their new advertising models.

Super Junior signed a deal with the company that will involve them in a full-fledged advertising campaign for Kyochon Chicken. The Kpop group will model in various Kyochon Chicken ads as well as star in the company’s future CF’s. The plan is to have Super Junior be the face, so to speak, of the chicken franchise.

Kyochon F&B has a history of using top tier stars as their models, such as Shinhwa, Rain, and Lee Jung Hyun. Out of all the chicken companies in Korea, Kyochon F&B was the one that actually started the trend of using A-list stars as advertising models for chicken.

A spokesperson from Kyochon F&B stated that Super Junior is one of the top music groups in the country and Kyochon Chicken is one of, if not the best chicken franchises in Korea. Therefore, Super Junior and Kyochon F&B are a perfect fit for each other seeing as they’re both leaders in their respective industries. He added that because Super Junior is well known in other Asian countries, they will be an immense help in advancing Kyochon Chicken’s popularity on an international level as well.

Super Junior will start working on the ad campaign for Kyochon Chicken next month. They plan on doing a photo shoot in addition to filming for the CF, which will begin broadcasting in July.

credits: allkpop


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