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The M’ MC Kim Hyungjoon-Sunny, Bubbly Progress

Posted by diopatra on May 30, 2009


Credits to: Sosiz
Translated by:

On the 27th, from 6:30 PM, at Mokdong, Seoul’s KT Hall, SkyEN’s new music broadcast, ‘The M’ filmed it’s 16th and 17th episode.

On this day, with The M’s MCs, Kim Hyungjoon (SS501)-Sunny (SNSD)’s bubbly MC’ing, the 17th episode of ‘MUSIC STYLE’ has Cheongrim doing singer Bi (Rain)’s ‘I Do’, It’s Raining and A’ST1 remaking Shinhwa’s ‘Eusha Eusha” with a new and different stage. The lineup consists of 2PM, V.O.S., Lee Eunmi, Chaeyeon, After School, Evan, Zi.a, IU, Oh Jonghyuk, UPT, Defconn, Super Kidd, Cheongrim, A’ST1, Answer, Han Kyungil, Jung Youngjoo, Happy Face, Mate, and Ipeuro.

On the 27th, the pre-recorded The M’s 16th and 17th episode will air May 29th and June 5th, over a span of 2 weeks, SkyEN airing it on Friday nights at 6.


2 Responses to “The M’ MC Kim Hyungjoon-Sunny, Bubbly Progress”

  1. tifany said

    hihi ,,
    kek na c0c0k ~_~

  2. sunny1332 said

    I soo don’t understand what it means but Sunny is cute in this picture ^.^

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