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Overseas stars increase the bling-bling; Super Junior is currently arranging for…

Posted by diopatra on June 2, 2009


Source: Yahoo News
Translated by: hazel. @

Legions of South Korean pretty boys have been invading the screens of Taiwanese audiences recently, and the Golden Melody Awards might just be inviting South Korean boyband Super Junior for a lightning quick visit to Taiwan under the name of performing guests and prize presenters. Also on the rumoured list is Japanese songstress Koda Kumi and Super Junior’s junior, SHINee. The planning unit for this year’s awards ceremony however, conservatively speaks that the guest list is still unconfirmed.

Super Junior has been slated to appear in Taiwan in the next half of this year, and it has been heavily rumoured that they would start first with the Golden Melody Awards. Because of this trip, they have been arranging their schedules with the Taiwanese planning unit since the start of this year, and have finally managed to squeeze out two days and hopefully will be able to arrive in time for the Awards on the 27th and 28th of June.

The awards ceremony however, has also incidentally sparked a heated debate between fans of different Korean boybands. Because they are going to hold a ticketed concert, SS501 lost the chance to be part of the guest list at the Awards, and this has made many of their fans rather upset, causing them to protest online. Fans of both groups are still vigorously supporting their own idols.

Also rumoured to be coming are Koda Kumi and SHINee, but AVEX has already clarified that Super Junior is first on the waiting list, since SHINee visited Taiwan late last year and currently has no more plans to do so in the near future.

21 Responses to “Overseas stars increase the bling-bling; Super Junior is currently arranging for…”

  1. lulu said

    hi all superjunoir member .MY friend a u fan. n he love ur songs n he hope all of u will have a new for us bye .good luck n handsome

  2. reynalita said

    i am still hoping that you would come here and visit the phillipphines………but by the way i love you super junior forever!

  3. inkyinemaymoe said

    i love u.

  4. angelina said

    super junior is so fantastic spwecially their dance steps and lyrics of my fav songs of them, its you!!! its very beautifful!!!

  5. hi how are you all super junior i like

  6. norisa said

    hi…… all of juniorc7…your relly great…your song its you,i love kyuhyun,hee chul,sungmin,and donghee,here they looked more HOTTTTTTT!!!!

  7. ayu said

    hy para suju u keren abissssssssssssssssssssss

  8. misty gale said

    HI! guys….. i love the songs of your group….. keep it up♥♥♥♥

  9. misty gale said

    salang haseyeo………Ye Sung i wish i could see you in person because your so cute…. muaaaaaaaahhhh♥♥♥♥ misty….

  10. rakyat malaysia said

    u all very cute n nice songs…….

  11. yesung …..take care alwaysssss….

  12. Chika said

    ”I Love Super Junior”
    Aksi tariannya keren, cool,dan buanyak deh pokoknya keren……………..
    para suju keren abizzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I Love You……….

  13. novitaprita said

    hai aku NgEVeN bAnGeT Lo mA SUJu kApA Ya aKu bIsA KeTeMu mA sUJu

  14. FULL--MOON said

    hi…SUJU here i am again.,still waiting to your nice song..
    i love you all,,hope i meet you in person someday,i came form phil..always remember i will be your #1 fan,.mwaah!!!


  15. Pete said

    Whats the name of the short fat kid with the chili bowl haircut in Super Junior?

  16. iena..... said

    luv ya all…
    especially dong hae oppa..
    be da bez in dis year…
    i’m ur fan from Malaysia….

  17. mimi said

    don’t woRry guyz…the super junior will be here in the philiipines this coming April 10, 2010….YEHHEY!!!

  18. jayn said

    I love super Junior because their songs make me feel in love especially the sorry sorry-answer acoustic i think all the super Junior i love them too,hehehe
    hopefully all of you keep supporting kpop singer and also the super junior…………jayn from phils.

  19. Aaaa said

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ilove yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou

  20. […] Overseas stars increase the bling-bling; Super Junior is currently arranging for… […]

  21. Nikki said

    I LUV SUPER JUNIOR they r sooooooooo cool and their music is sooooooooooooooo awesome and amazing!!!!!!

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