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Kim Bum the Action Star

Posted by diopatra on June 4, 2009

While his on-screen partner, Kim So Eun has it easy signing autographs at a film festival, Kim Bum is working hard to become an action star and move away from his pretty boy image from Boys Before Flowers. He should be succeeding pretty soon for he is also training hard to be a mixed martial arts exponent in SBS Dream.

We were earlier treated to stills of Kim Bum kissing Kim Byul from his new movie, Flight where he plays the leading role. Today, we have stills where he leaps off a building 20m off the ground, with a wire behind his back all by himself, without the use of an extra. Despite injuring his ankle during the filming, Kim Bum still wore a smiley face throughout, showing a maturity that’s really rare among new actors. The adolescent romantic action movie, Flight will premiere in movie theatres in September.

credits: coolsmurf


3 Responses to “Kim Bum the Action Star”

  1. cynthia said

    rock on!!!

  2. Emma said

    This blog’s really quite intersting.. Thankyou 🙂

  3. yeah rock and roll!1

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