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Ariel Lin upgrades to boss; intends on setting up a work studio in Hang Zhou

Posted by diopatra on June 5, 2009

Source: hzdaily
Translation: Sarah @

Golden queen Ariel Lin rarely makes appearances in mainland China, but lately an insider has revealed that this year, Ariel intends on focusing her work towards China, and there is the possibility of her opening up a work studio in Hang Zhou, upgrading to becoming a boss.

This news comes from the upcoming ‘Wei Yi, Wo Shi Min Dao’ finals that will be held in Hang Zhou. This event is a collaboration between Ariel & Youkang, aiming to discover new talents in creativity, producing & performing arts among college students. 10 teams, that were chosen from over 70 different colleges will compete in the finals. The organisers of this event, hopes that through this contest, they will be able to dig up more creative & talented youngsters. And Ariel intends on inviting some of the winners to work in her new work studio, creating a more young and lively team, to bring a fresh wind to the Chinese television market.

Ariel previously filmed in Hang Zhou, and it left a very good impression on her, especially Xi Hu, Broken Bridge & Lei Feng Pagoda. This time, Ariel may use the event opportunity to observe Hang Zhou’s work conditions, to pave the way for creating a work studio in China. And this future studio will not only invest in television & advertisement production, it will also include animation production.


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