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Joe Cheng invading the music industry

Posted by diopatra on June 5, 2009

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: Kassy @

After Zheng Yuan Chang finished filming the TV series [Love or Bread], for the past 6 months he has been busy with the performances of his stage play; at the moment he doesn’t have any intention in taking part in any of the idol series. It turns out that in the 2nd half of the year he will be invading the music industry, carrying out his plan to become a fully versatile artist. Since the beginning of 2009 Zheng Yuan Chang has already set it as [Year of Surpassing Zheng Yuan Chang], other than giving it as a breathing space to his acting skills, in a way it will also allow him to redefine himself.

Zheng Yuan Chang (Xiao Zong) is not filming any TV series for more that half a year now, he is only concentrating on stage play performances, he says: [I want to give a breathing space to my acting skills! Last time I will have 2 to 3 TV series in one year, fully using the time of the entire year; even though there are a lot of people who are saying that I’ve done a very good job, I still didn’t see how I would be able to make any progress, so I’ve decided to absorb. This time I am very fortunate to be able to work with Zhang Jie (Slyvia Chang) and other talented cast in the stage play, I have been able to learn a lot of acting skills from them. Other than using your facial expression you could also expressed yourself by the movement of your body, to me this is another indication in acting, I’ve gain a lot from this experience.]

Taking part in stage play to enhance acting skills
Despite of Xiao Zong is only taking part in stage play performances, his income is unlike the past, but luckily he has received 2 endorsements from Mainland China , allows him to have a steady income. Even if this year he puts more time for advanced studies he won’t have to worry much either: [Some time I will find it very fascinating, I am just a Taiwanese actor, but people in Hong Kong, Mainland still able to know who I am and even getting the invitation to become the ambassador of their products, so that’s why I would really like to collaborate with the actors from Mainland and Hong Kong, they will be able to give me a lot of inspirations.] To be honest, sometime in Xiao Zong’s acting, his facial expression will be a bit too exaggerating, maybe it has something to do with him venturing into the acting industry as a model, during this interview, I feel that there are some changes in his facial expression and the way his speaks.

[Year of Surpassing Zheng Yuan Chang]
Xiao Zong has set this year as [Year of Surpassing Zheng Yuan Chang], first he has takes on the stage play performances, any new projects coming his way? He reveals: [I will release an album and venture to the music industry; this will be a very refreshing trial, singing to me is a very happy thing to do, but if I will to put my interest as part of my work, I must be more professional about it, and takes on training. Last time I had already took some classes and hired a teacher for my dancing lesson, even though the fees for getting a personal teacher will be very expensive, since my interest is about performing, so I must do the best I can, even if it is a little expensive, it is still a must.]

Getting rid off the behavior of giving up halfway from a certain task
Xiao Zong still believes that his bad behavior is not about learning, it’s more because his personality tends to give up halfway very easily: [Everyone will have different weaknesses in their personality, for example laziness! Tons of excuses! As for me I will have a very moody personality, lack of determination, so I’m very admire artists who are very hard working, I would really like to ask them what are the ways are they using so that they could hold on to their determination until the end; nowadays, I still unable to push myself to the [Doing it with your life depend on it] limit, I must continue to learn. As for now because he is taking part in stage play performances, he has a lot of time to think, allowing myself to have a battle with his own, defeating the bad personalities, then only you will be successful.] At least he is aware of his weaknesses, and willing to face it and improve from them.

Fate is not here yet; not insisting
Lin Yi Chen is also venturing to the music industry and has already signed a music company, this will be an idol series dream team, are they going to collaborate in the music industry? Xiao Zong smiles and says: [That’s right! She is my senior, so she is faster than me even in releasing an album she will be faster than me, in the future when the both of us are in the music industry, we could form a very nice group too!] Xiao Zong has already decided on joining a music company but since he has to compromise with the promotion, so he has to keep it as a secret for now.

Since he has so much time on his hands, will he go and look for his another half? Xiao Zong says: [People that I see everyday will be the crew or the cast of the stage play, my social circle is very small, how can I get the chance to date? If you asked me whether I am eager to find my another half, even if I do, I can’t do much about it, if fate doesn’t want to let me meet up with her, all I can do is to accept it gradually.] Xiao Zong is not dating the ones who are most at ease will probably be his fans and his management company!

Using body language to move the audience
Taking part in stage play for the very first time Zheng Yuan Chang has the chance to have tour performances in different cities, for sure this will be a very special experience for him, he asked the reporter: [Have you watched it before? You must remember to watch it in July!] Starting off their performance in Mainland China, [Design for Living] has performed in Guangzhou, Xi’an, Singapore, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Taipei, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shanghai; in July they are going to have second performances in Hong Kong. So is it because the guarantee of the script by Sylvia Chang and Edward Lam? OR is it the idol power coming from Zheng Yuan Chang? I believe it is the chemistry that it has produced from these 2 elements.

Xiao Zong says: [From the stage play I’ve learned how act by using my body and voice, aim to let every audience to feel what’s the character on the stage is feeling, even when you shout, you will still have to move the audience, who are sitting at the last row, until they will feel like shouting together with you, then only it means that you have achieved the standard of a stage play actor, this type of acting is totally different from the acting that I’ve done before.]

In the stage play Xiao Zong played as the fresh graduate, working class Li Xiang, because Monday is always representing the first working day of the week, and that’s why he has always been viewing Monday as [Black Monday], until Friday, then only he will have a much better mood; but he died mysteriously on a Monday. The cold and detached colleagues in the company couldn’t recalled the name, Li Xiang, even the female CEO Zhang Wei (Sylvia Chang) who he was romantically linked with was just merely saying: [I think I still remember this staff.] Is the office really such a cold and detached place? Or everyone is plotting their own scheme?

[Design for Living]
Performances dates and time in Hong Kong : 2009/07/03 – 2009/07/11; Wednesday to Saturday 7:30pm; Sunday 2:30pm

No performances on Monday and Tuesday

Location: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and arts

Script Writer: Sylvia Chang

Production: Edward Lam Dance Theater

Wardrobe: HARE Regablue

Hairstylist: Taipei Visavis

Special Thanks: hEhA Music

Interview Location: DAP Restaurant

Getting inspiration from Sylvia Chang’s discussion about sacrificing
When Zheng Yuan Chang met Sylvia Chang, he described it as more fortunate that other actors: [The opportunity to work with Zhang Jie (Sylvia Chang) has allowed me to know what stage play performance is all about, and she is very generous, she will pass on her acting experience to people; you should know, not all seniors are willing to do pass on their strength to people, but Zhang Jie has never been stingy about this. The most important point is that Zhang Jie has taught me a lot in terms of life experience and she has even shared a lot of stories with me.]

Xiao Zong reveals at one time during one of their (stage play) press conference of him and Sylvia Chang, a reporter asked Sylvia Chang: [You are already someone else wife, mother, also the movie script writer, a boss, do you have that much time to sacrifice them on your work?] The thing that moves Xiao Zong will be Sylvia Chang’s answer: [I didn’t sacrifice anything, because this is what I’ve chose, as long as I like it, why would I think this is a sacrifice?]

After Xiao Zong has listened to the answer, he has make a deep reflection upon himself: [Before this I used to say because of work, I have sacrificed the time to be with my family, the truth is that I could arranged my time more properly and spend some time with them (family), don’t have time to be with your family is just an excuse, it’s because you are lazy. Actually a lot of things are just within the grasp of your hand, as long as you know how to management it, then it won’t be sacrificing.]

This [Sacrificing discussion], is it also speaking out the inner voice of the people in Hong Kong?

Have conducted a lot of interviews with Zheng Yuan Chang before, a couple of years back, from when he first took a taxi in Taipei to come for the interview until the most recent interview in Hong Kong, (this time) he has 3 foreigner bodyguards, who are taller than him, standing beside him, protecting him, before this, they have conducted the comprehensive inspection to make sure there are no fans around this location, then only he was here for the interview. I was startled by this [turnabout], I thought I was interviewing a national treasure or something’ inside I was thinking [Is it really need to be that exaggerating]. Unless the old friendly and easy going Xiao Zong wants to show off his kingly status since he has become the main male lead?

To be honest, the entire interview went well and pleasantly, even when the wardrobes provided by the crew and the sponsors were a size smaller, he didn’t have any question and continue to put them on at ease, he was so relax that he even changed his clothes in front of all of us (of course he was wearing his singlet and pants). Luckily, Xiao Zong is still the same old Xiao Zong as before.


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