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JunJin & Lee Si Young reunite again for Hey Ya pt 2

Posted by diopatra on June 5, 2009

For fans of the Gundam couple who have been waiting for the 2nd part of the Hey Ya MV, it’s finally here.Except the song is not by JunJin but rather singer Beige who is making her comeback within 2 years. Whereas JunJin’s Hey Ya MV told the story from his view. Beige’s MV Gee Gee Ree (Awfully) shows the same general storyline from Lee Si Young’s POV.

For the MV, Lee Si Young had to dance in the rain for 10 hours as well as cry and lipsync. In addition, she is getting recognized for her expressive portrayal of her character’s many faces.

Lee Si Young said “Because it was my first music video, I tried my best. I especially remember the scene where I had to dance in the rain. It was an unusually cold day on top of having to dance in the rain and like the lyrics I thought that it was awfully hard. As much as I struggled with this piece, I hope that people will like it.”

Beige’s 1.5 album came out on the 3rd with the title song Gee Gee Ree and has already been getting favorable reviews. A picture for those who don’t know Beige.

credits: allkpop


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