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Kangta talks about Army Life

Posted by diopatra on June 5, 2009

Singer Kangta, who was enlisted on 1st April 2008 and is currently serving his military service, has revealed his life in the barracks to his fans through the media. In a MBC program which shows life in the army, Kangta gave an interview and expressed that he will not lose to fellow actor, Chun Jung Myung. He said jokingly, “Although everyone knows that Chun Jung Myung is a very good soldier, I am not bad either. If we match up 1 to 1, I have confidence that I can handle him.”

Chun Jung Myung is currently serving in the 30th Infantry Division and has been frequently reported in the media to be a really imposing trainer when he’s training recruits, impressing his fans. Kangta ditched his position as a civil soldier and managed to get transferred to the 8th Infantry Division where he is now a scout.

When asked if there were any singers or entertainers that he had taken a liking to recently, Kangta answered bravely, “I like Girls’ Generation now. Before I enlisted, I only thought of them as my juniors and that they were really hardworking kids. But after entering the army, I have totally converted into becoming a fan of them. I really like the song ‘Gee’ and my heart would start beating really fast whenever I see Sunny.”

The trio will become civilians again in 2010.

source: allkpop


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