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Charlene Choi is not jealous of Miriam Yeung

Posted by diopatra on June 7, 2009

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), Alex Fong and Vincy Chan were recording “Jade Solid Gold” the other night. Two days ago, Ah Sa’s boyfriend Ronald Cheng was recording “Beautiful Cooking” with his old flame Mariam Yeung. Ah Sa explained that she was not in the program because she has been very busy recently as she has only a week in Hong Kong every month. The reporter asked if she was jealous? Ah Sa laughed “It’s a good programme, therefore a lot of people get invited to appear on it.” Speaking about the remark Chin Ka Lok once said to Ronald that he didn’t know what he missed for splitting up with Mariam, Ah Sa looked stunned when she heard that. She responded “Why should I be angry?” The reporter went on to remind her that Edison Chan has intended to return to Hong Kong. Ah Sa said “I haven’t read the magazine report. I can’t make any comment.” Talking about Mani Fok blaming Edison for rubbing salt into the wound for those involved, Ah Sa said she won’t comment either, but as far as Gillian is concerned, Ah Sa said “She is absolutely fine.” Ah Sa will be hosting her first musical “Jade Solid Gold” in theatre in July. She will be performing all the 80’s songs as well as acting from a young girl to an old woman. Ah Sa added “I am worried that I may forget the lyrics, but this is a big challenge for me. I have asked the company not to give me too much work so that I don’t get too much stress. Otherwise, I might not be able to cope.”

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