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Clazziquai back with Wizard of OZ

Posted by diopatra on June 7, 2009

Since posting the We Live in OZ CF more than a month ago which starred Kim Bum, Choi Ara, Kim Kibum, Lee Yeon Hee, Yoo Seung Ho, Kim Min Ji, many have been asking about the full-length song that was heard in it.

The long wait was finally over when the digital single called Wizard of OZ by Clazziquai Project (DJ Clazzi, Horan, Alex) was released on 4th June. If you thought the short version was good, the full-length song is even better since you can hear Alex sing as well. This digital single is just a preview of what Clazziquai is coming back with after an absence of 2 years, as each member went on their solo projects following their 3rd album. Clazziquai will make their full comeback on 1st July with their 4th studio album called Mucho Musica.

credits coolsmurf


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