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FT Island Easy Magazine Article

Posted by diopatra on June 7, 2009

credits: ft1st + ftislandthai + Ling@fti-indo (Indonesian trans) + umm@loveft-i (English trans)

FT ISLAND 1 -What’s New

New Member

JJ: Seunghyun & Minhwan go to the same high school. They’re very talented and I think he’s really mature.
MH: I’m so happy. I think he really matches me well.
HK: Anyway, Seunghyun is a nice dongsaeng because he always listens to me if I compare him to Jaejin & Minhwan (laughs). And whatever it is, Seunghyun always do his work really hard.
JH: After Seunghyun joined, FT Island has reborn with him as a new member. On the other side, he also makes us a brand new band, so we will have a new attitude too. Hwaiting!
SH: After I joined, FT Island’s album selling average is dropping again (laughs). We’re young but we hope we can make a better & mature music like the new album that will be released this summer. Then, we will show the fans our music talent.

New School

HK: After I became a university student, I’ll pay more attention on my health and I’ll try to do some meetings that are really popular in university (laughs). Recently, I want to have a dog so that I can take it to a vacation.
JH: Since I’m taking Digital Music as my major, I want to apply what I’ve learned in university into FT Island’s music.

New Image

HK: Although our outfits are chosen by our stylists, we feel that we look really good in them because we rarely wear those outfits everyday. We feel that the outfits bring fresh image to us.
JJ: The member who pays attention to his image the most is Jonghun.
MH: Hongki likes to wear unique outfits.
HK: I think so.
JJ: Almost all the outfits that Minhwan & I wear have been worn by Hongki and Jonghun. So the outfits they’re wearing now…
HK: No, I won’t give it to you! (laughs)

FT ISLAND 2 – New future

Q: Imagine, what kind of musicians will you become in 15 years?

HK: FT Island always interact with fans through concerts. I think we can get some fun through performances.
JJ: I hope we can receive some support from many people through music. I wish our music will become daily needs in the future.

Q: What kind of music you would like to try?

JH: Music that comes from the heart. So people will recognize the song is coming from me.
HK: Punk! I really love music that can make people happy. Singing on stage makes me really excited.

Q: Is there any change in you since your first debut?

MH: I like Punk & Rock music that can make people happy, I’m hoping to learn more about it soon.
JH: I think our music talent & our sense to control music instruments are getting better.
HK: My vocal control and feelings. I’ve changed my behaviour too. I’m maturer now right? kekeke.
JJ: Our vision through music and our music skills. Our interest in music is getting high too.

Q: What do you feel after the new member joined?

SH: I’ve joined FT Island for a few months. They’re really nice to me since I first met them (laughs). Being together with them makes me feel really happy.

FT ISLAND 3 – New Rival

On one variety show, FT Island members were doing candy battle that’s really sweet and hilarious!

Since it was March 13th and a White Day, the battle was arranged to make FTI members used the White Day special gift, candy to battle. Under the MC command, members who wanted to win forced themselves to put as much candies as they could into their mouth. Jonghun the leader was the first to put 5 candies into his mouth and after that Hongki said, “I will put 5 more candies then.”

After the MC saw Hongki’s act, he said, “How about singing a song (Bad Woman)?”. Other members looked really excited and clapped their hands to support him and that made Hongki sang with an open mouth full of 10 candies.

Then, the MC asked who isn’t satisfied enough with the battle, Seunghyun, the new member whom at first wants to dare Jaejin, got his luck turned because Jaejin put 1 pack of candies into Seunghyun’s mouth. After that the battle of Seunghyun & Hongki reached its climax. Hongki put some more candies into his mouth while Seunghyun opened his mouth and said, “Give me 2 more candies!” then Hongki said, “Me too!” Seunghyun immediately put 5 more candies into his mouth. Hongki who couldn’t even talked properly looked really annoyed. “Seunghyun! His face is bigger than me, so his mouth is also bigger! Give me 2 more!” We could see Hongki had to bring his face up to avoid the candies from dropping from his mouth & then he put 2 more candies into his mouth. He played really hard in this game, on the other side Seunghyun just laughed seeing Hongki’s act and raised his hands “I quit.”. Finally, the small faced Hongki got an applause and he became the winner of the game.

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